Ukraine gained its independence after it gave up nuclear weapons, as it was occupying third place directly after the Russian Federation and the United States of America after arduous negotiations after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 91 of the last century, about 25-30% of the population of Ukraine speaks Russian, but they are persecuted by the central government According to the statements of the Russians, and that there is a very strong kinship relationship between the two peoples, the Ukrainian-Russian relations remained abnormal, especially whenever a pro-Western president rose to power there in Kiev (where Russia considered him at the time an agent or semi-enemy).

The Russians feel threatened, and with the exchange of statements, relations between the two parties are more tense. The capital, Warsaw (the capital of Poland), the lost Soviet legacy is not very far from the capital, Kiev. Therefore, Russia considers every intimate relationship between Kiev and the West, headed by the United States, as a direct threat to its national security, and certainly Russia sees in This is the vital geopolitical expansion of NATO, so it is NATO’s march towards the east and expansion that Moscow sees only as containing it and clipping its nails, And for this, Russia has repeatedly warned the political system in Kiev and that it will not accept it, but Kiev’s experience, especially under the rule of this young president and his demands and threats to join NATO, and his encouragement to do so by the West, especially the United States of America and with his persistence and indifference made him do not understand The game (the adult game) and therefore it can be said that it fell victim to its use by the West itself ….

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Who bears the responsibility?

The Russian and Ukrainian politicians, as well as the military on both sides, are the ones who bear the responsibility for the bloodshed, whether in the two regions that Russia claims independence (Donetsk and Luhansk) to which it has recognized, or in the rest of the country, that is, the whole of Ukraine.

If we look at Russia’s fears, which we have mentioned, we see them as legitimate … because no country in the world accepts that its borders are threatened. Unfortunately, the young Ukrainian president did not understand or understand it, and he entered into a game that we might call – a proxy war – which he is fighting against Russia on behalf of About the West, ie NATO in the first place, this game is in fact even old Europe – is a victim of it. The United States, as a superpower, has written in its calculations since the days of Dick Cheney, Rumsfeld and W. Bush – war hawks – And I resolved that the twenty-first century will also be for the United States, meaning that it was determined to lead the world during all these hundred years and thus maintain the unipolar model and therefore it wants to trim any growing nails of Russia (because it is its traditional enemy) add to that its fears of the rising Chinese giant And we all know the grinding economic war that has raged between the two countries and is still so…

On the other hand, the Russians, especially under the leadership of Vladimir Putin, an expert in the KGB at the time of the Soviet Union, the latter yearns and looks with great pain to that past and considers it very great, and he may suffer whenever the Soviet Union is mentioned, and therefore he certainly seeks to restore that glory, perhaps at any cost… But at least He will never allow NATO to extend closer to its borders towards Ukraine, and we consider, objectively, these fears to be legitimate, hence the invasion of Ukraine.

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The justifications for war according to Putin and the way of the director according to Volodymyr Zelensky:

Putin says that Volodymyr did not listen to our demands and did not weigh our fears and integrated into the game of the United States, for we had no other way but war and access to the capital Kiev, thus replacing the political system there with a regime that does not ask to join NATO, or at least is neutral if not pro-Moscow.

While the United States is playing its dirty game there and openly, and it supports the Kiev government with weapons directly, while the Ukrainian people pay the price for that war from their lives, buildings and even their pockets, and if the war continues and lasts and turns into a guerrilla and street war in the form of what happened in Vietnam to the Americans or in Afghanistan, it will certainly be The cost is very high, and in the meantime, any mistake by NATO will have a high, double and devastating cost, especially for Europe, because the United States, as the instigator of this war, no matter what, is far from it, even if the war turns into a global (global nuclear – and this is almost impossible -) war. Stay high and very high over Europe….

As for the salvation for Volodymyr and the political system in general there, it is to conclude a clear neutrality treaty between the two countries, and even to cover up its non-joining with NATO. It is not surprising that it will be stripped of even military power or make it very limited, meaning that in order to survive these chronic perils, it must be Just like the Japanese or German model after World War II. Otherwise, the risks will be magnified there and they will pay the price very dearly because the Russian bear will not be satisfied that Ukraine is more than a rabbit that roams and frolics there in its vast land. (Sorry to the Ukrainian people for this metaphor, but it’s the realism we’ve learned.)

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