By: Mohamed nabil Elbendary

– Today future of the kurds in syria strong by USA supporting day after day , there are turkish iraqi syrian fears from that power so really does the kurds research for federal state and subjective territory in north syrain .south of turkey and dectaration of independent state with the assistant of usa to them but all this only kurdish ambitions in syria and you have not cheeked in but several conditions (1)- continued us milltary aid (2)- used as an argyment for combating terrorism in the city of raqqa (3)- stop the bombardment of the turkish army to them We have see the last tuesday the united states has already begun delivering a first batch of kurds weapons and armored vehicles worth 295 million dollars and is not the first time that the kurds receive usa support but a kurdish american and regarded his wc to use to achieve their goals and interests and now being used in the syrian city of raqqa here we heard the turkish objection to such assistance as kurds and PPK party ateerrorist organizition and theartening the turkish national security so in the border city of Diyarbakir kurdish is a ratio of 75% of the population turkey-kardish,come backfire make of this border city center to launch counter attacks of the turkish army so turkey is trying in every possibil way the new use administration view change to stop the extenision of american arms kurdish forces and that was to discuss the recent visit of turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan to the white house and meet president trump and it seems that the american president will not reponding to turkish demands and here is another political juncture, turkey has taken to rely on the syrian crisis so it went to Geneva and Astana negotiations led by an Iranian..Russian turkish to negotion set up safe areas in the north syria who controls the mostly kurdish forces and turket has already succeeded ingetting output from the Astana meetings.Geneva and an Iraanian areas in the north of syria Thus, turkey has made way for the kurds to create their own in dependent in the south of turkey comte turkey army of syrian opposition called (Euphrates shield) lack of control of party of the south the turkish cith of Manbij and turkey asked the kurds to leave ,Thus; we see that turkey has taken the political joucture in syria to their advantage. so now turkey used air raids on kurds instead of going to a land war with them so we see that the PPK and the kurdish not made thir hopes by this works that based on amirican interests and goals. So if we go back in history back we wikl notice that them used all thir power to break up the territory autonomy, in the 1980s and the first Gulf war stop the KDP leader Massoud Barzani by tehran against the Baghdad Government to bartend And also in the 2003 Iraq invasion days cops and the Kurdistan Democratic party received use aid to stand in the face of Saddam Hussein as conditions change on the ground to force their interests. Here we see the Iraq role in the face of kurdisan iraq as iraq prime minister into the popular crowd to move towards the iraq syrian borde to protect the iraq proder here are the popular crowd warns democratic syria forces entry control, this will make tjose warnings possible cofrontation between iraqi popular crowd and syria forces of democracy, so facing the kurdish federal non continous consitiuents with neghboring countries refused that idea so if the current syrian war will be a war of syrria kurdish crisis agaian in the future Estimate position about future of the kurds in syria conflict