Geopolitical priorities – Turkey and the Balkans

By Judit Balázs


Turkey had already playeda decisive role in the region after its establishment. Its active international role fed not only historical traditions, but its geopolitical situation made Turkish foreign policy more important during the cold war. After the establishment of the one-polar world order it relatively lost something from its previous importance temporarily, but the „Arabic Spring” put the country into the foreground of foreign policy again. Turkey is tied to the Balkans through several cultural, historical and economic ties. Its active role is extended in several directions: the image about Turkey can be decisive in the shaping of relationships in the processes of the establishment of the nation, identity policy and the support of the Balkan Muslims. Turkish capital investments play an important role in the Balkan states which fight with missing capital. Turkey is an important factor in the establishment of the Balkan stability, and in connection with it, it got several „strategic” partners, first of all in terms of Macedonia, Kosovo and Bosnia

Topics: Turkish foreign policy, Jihad, Balkan strategy, geopolitics, migration

Publisher: Kaposvár University

Year: 2015

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