Google Bard: How to Clear or Turn Off History – Easy Beginners Guide

In this guide, we will discover: Google Bard: How to Clear or Turn Off History – Easy Beginners Guide 2023
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What to know

  • All your Bard conversations are saved by default on the “Your Bard Activity” page. Select “Bard Activity” on to find your Bard Activity history. 
  • Individual conversation prompts as well as your entire Bard history can be deleted from the “Your Bard Activity” page. 
  • Prevent Google from saving future Bard conversations by turning off Bard Activity from the “Your Bard Activity” page.

Google’s homegrown AI chatbot Bard is here. Currently only available for experimental use in the UK and US, Bard’s initial structure seems to copy ChatGPT’s playbook while trying to give it Google’s unmistakable aesthetics. By default, it will also save all your Bard prompts on your account’s ‘My Activity’ page. 

If you’ve taken Bard for an early spin, you might want to keep a tab on your conversation history. Here’s everything you need to know about finding and deleting your Bard history. 

Find your Bard Activity history

To find out your Bard activity history, firstly, visit Google Bard on a browser. Then click on the hamburger icon at the top left corner. 

Then click on Bard Activity.

Your Bard activity history will be mentioned under the “Bard Activity” card. 

Scroll down to find your bard activity history categorized by day. 

Note that you will only be shown your prompts here and not the entire conversation you had. 

Delete individual Bard conversation history (permanently)

You can prevent specific Bard prompts from appearing on the Bard Activity page. To delete a conversation prompt, click on the next to the prompt that you want to delete. 

Click on Delete to confirm.

A small pop-up message will show up at the bottom. 

Once deleted, you will be informed about the same. Click on Got it to continue.

Delete all your Bard history (permanently)

To clear all your Bard Activity history, click on Delete on the “Your Bard Activity” page.

Select the time range. 

Once deleted, you will see no activity on the “Your Bard Activity” page.

Turn off Bard Activity

Deleting your Bard activity history won’t prevent Google from storing information about your future conversations. To do so, you will have to change your Bard Activity settings. 

Click on Bard Activity on the “Your Bard Activity” page.

Here, toggle off Bard Activity to Off.

Do note that turning off Bard Activity won’t delete your past conversations. You will manually have to delete or clear your conversations as shown earlier.

Does Google save Bard activity even if you turn it off?

In the name of wanting to improve Bard’s services, Google will continue to save them for up to 48 hours. However, these will not show up on your “Bard Activity” page if you have turned them off. 


Here are a few commonly asked queries about Google’s AI chatbot Bard and your Bard activity history.

How do I access Google Bard?

Currently, Google’s Bard is only available for early testing for users in the UK and US. Sign up for the waitlist on Google Bard’s website and wait for your turn to try out Bard.

How do I turn on Google Bard activity?

To turn on Google Bard activity, visit the “Your Bard Activity” page (as shown in the guide), click on “Bard Activity” and toggle it On.

What happens if I reset chat in Bard?

Resetting chat in Bard will delete your prompts and conversations in the current session. The prompts will still be available on your Bard Activity page (if it’s turned on). But you won’t be able to access the conversations themselves, even from the Bard Activity page. 

Where is my Bard activity history?

Your Bard Activity history can be accessed from Bard’s website itself. Click on the hamburger icon in the top left corner and select “Bard Activity” to get to your Bard Activity history page. 

Google has treated Bard like any other product, saving all your conversation prompts to the ‘My Activity’ page for your account. This can be convenient for some users, but quite awkward for others who have gotten used to ChatGPT saving all their chat histories in the sidebar itself. We’ll have more to say on Bard soon. So stay tuned!



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