How to Clear Firefox History on Computer and Mobile

In this guide, we will discover: How to Clear Firefox History on Computer and Mobile – Easy Beginners Guide

Firefox browser lets you have complete control over all the things that happen in the browser. It offers you to secure your personal data, passwords, saved data, browsing history, and more. You can add, delete, or customize your data according to your needs.

Firefox has the feature to delete your browsing history and search terms. Your browsing history consists of all the websites or web pages you have visited on your browser. However, the websites you have browsed in the private mode will not be saved.

Deleting the browsing history can be done on all devices running with the latest Firefox browser. You can delete the history from your mobile and computer browsers.

We will walk you through all the necessary steps to delete the browsing history.

From Firefox Computer

There are a number of ways to delete the browsing history from Firefox on a computer. However, one of the easiest way is through the History menu. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open the Firefox browser on your computer.
  2. Click on the More horizontal 3bar icon menu and select the History menu.
    History menu in Firefox browser on computer
  3. Click on the Clear recent history option.
    Clear recent history option in Firefox computer browserIt will open the Clear History window.
  4. Select the desired Time range to clear from the drop-down.
  5. Enable the checkbox for the Browsing & download history option and hit the Clear Now command button.
    Clear All History from the Firefox computer browser

It will clear your browsing history from your computer. You can specify any time frame from the drop-down and even include other browsing data mentioned on the clearing window.

There is also an option to stop Firefox from recording the browsing history. Choose Firefox will never remember history from the Firefox Settings page under the History section and relaunch the browser.

Firefox will never remember history settings on computer browser

From Firefox Android

You can easily delete the browser history from your Firefox app on Android mobile from the Settings menu. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Firefox browser app on your Android phone.
  2. Tap on the More vertical 3dots icon menu and select the Settings option.
    Settings menu in Firefox app for Android
  3. Scroll to the Privacy and Security section and open the Delete browsing data menu.
    Delete browsing data option in Firefox for Android
  4. Enable the checkbox for Browsing history and site data option and hit on the Delete browsing data command.
    Checkbox enabled for browsing history and site data for Delete browsing data page on Firefox app

It will delete the selected browsing history from the Firefox browser on your Android phone.

Alternatively, you can clear the browsing history from the History menu under More options and tap the Trash icon to clear everything. But this option will clear the cookies and cache data as well. Hence, you have to sign-in to online accounts again after using this option.

History Trash icon in Firefox for Android

From Firefox on iPhone

For iPhone or iPad, you need to follow the given steps to delete the browsing history from Firefox browser:

  1. Open the Firefox app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on the More menu from the bottom bar and select the Settings menu.
    Firefox app Settings menu in iPhone
  3. Under the Privacy section, select the Data Management option.
    Data Management menu under Privacy section in Firefox for iPhone
  4. Enable the toggle button only for History and hit on the Clear Private Data command.
    Clear Private Data Browsing History from Firefox app on iPhone

It will immediately delete your browser history from the Firefox browser on your iPhone.

There is another way to clear the history from the Menu options > History menu > Trash icon > selecting the Time Range to clear.

Remove history and other browsing data from Firefox iPhone

But that will also clear the cookies and cache stored along with browsing history. You can choose your preference.

Bottom Line

The Firefox browser is loaded with a variety of options that gives you complete access to many features. You have complete control over all the functions, including your browser history.

The option to delete the browsing history available on all devices, including Android, iOS, and the Computer.

Let us know if you doubt removing the browsing history from the Firefox browser.

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