How to clear Gmail storage on iPhone

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In this guide, we will discover: How to clear Gmail storage on iPhone – Easy Beginners Guide

Ask almost any iPhone user, and they’ll probably admit to relying heavily on their phone to access their Gmail account. But maybe you’ve recently noticed that you’re running out of storage space. You possibly have hundreds — or even thousands — of emails in your inbox. The idea of having to delete them all one by one sounds daunting and overwhelming.

Don’t worry; you’ve found the right article. With just a few easy steps, you can clear your Gmail space on your iPhone.

How to check Gmail storage

Just like any big project, it’s a good idea to know how much work is needed before you jump in headfirst. So, before you just start deleting every email in your Gmail inbox, follow these steps, whether you’re on your iPhone or iPad, to see how much space is being used:

  1. Open the Gmail app.
  2. Tap on your profile photo in the top-right corner.
  3. You will see how much storage you are currently using.

How to clear Gmail Storage

Cleaning up your Gmail storage on your iPad or iPhone is an important part of helping not just your inbox but also your device overall  perform at its best. Periodically, your Gmail inbox can get cluttered with unnecessary emails, old attachments, and spam messages that can take up valuable storage space. And this can have an impact on how your account behaves. If you’re a person that relies on your Gmail account for work, then you know how critical it is to make sure nothing interferes with it.

But why is it so important to keep your Gmail storage under control? For starters, when your Gmail is out of storage space, it can significantly slow down your device’s performance and even cause it to crash. In addition, having a cluttered inbox can make it difficult to find important emails when you need them, which can be frustrating and time-consuming.

I’ve got three tips that will help get you started on how to free up Gmail space:

1. Delete unnecessary emails

This one probably seems obvious, but that’s why I want to get it out of the way first. Find a quick and easy way to delete unnecessary emails from your inbox.

When I feel like I have a lot of spam messages building up, I like to start with particular senders and search for just emails from them. That makes it simple to see all of their messages in one place and then quickly delete them.

Keep in mind, though, that just deleting your emails doesn’t get rid of them permanently. You’ll need to empty your trash too. But more on that a little later.

2. Use filters

Another way to clear out your Gmail storage is to use filters. You can set up filters to automatically delete or archive your emails based on specific criteria you have. It’s a bit easier to set up filters in your browser, so the following instructions will show you how to do that:

  1. Open your browser and go to
  2. Sign in if you’re not already.
  3. Click on the Gear icon > See all settings.
  4. Open the Filters and Blocked Addresses tab.

From there, you can create new filters and customize them to fit your needs.

3. Clear out the trash

As you read earlier, when you delete an email in Gmail, it goes into the trash folder. But that doesn’t necessarily free up space. To permanently delete emails in the trash folder and clear up space, you can:

  1. Go to the Trash folder.
  2. Select the emails you want to delete.
  3. Then, tap on the trash can icon.

There are a ton of benefits to regularly clearing out your Gmail storage. Hopefully, you’ll find this all a little easier and less daunting by using the tips mentioned in this article. And in turn, it will help you keep your inbox organized and your device running smoothly.

How to manage Gmail storage

Now that you’ve decluttered your Gmail inbox, let’s move on to some other tips that can help you keep the size of your storage space to a minimum. Here are a few additional tips to help you make sure your Gmail storage stays under control.

Archive emails

If you’re worried about possibly needing an email in the future and don’t want to get rid of it entirely, you can also archive it. When you archive an email, it removes it from your inbox but keeps them accessible for later. And, like other files, when you archive an email, it makes the file size as small as possible, so it’s not taking up as much space as it would in your inbox.

To archive an email on your iPhone, find the message in your inbox and swipe left on it to tap on the archive icon.

Use labels

Who doesn’t love labels? They’re a quick and easy way to organize or categorize your emails so you can find them faster in the future. If you’ve used other email programs, then you’ll probably be very familiar with this process.

When you want to create a new label, just follow these steps:

  1. Tap the menu icon.
  2. Then, select Create New.
  3. Type the name for the label.

Now, you can start assigning emails to this new label.

Clear out old attachments

Just like with your text messages, it’s not the emails themselves that are taking up so much space on your device. It’s the attachments they come with. The good news is that Gmail has a  fairly quick and easy to clear out old attachments:

  1. In the Gmail app, tap your profile picture.
  2. Tap Storage used > Clean up space.
  3. In the section named Emails with large attachments, tap Review and clean up.

After reading this article, hopefully, you see that managing your Gmail storage is not just crucial for your account to function at its best. But it’s also a critical step in keeping your iPhone and iPad running as efficiently as possible.

Remembering to check your storage on a regular basis and implementing the tips from this article will help you keep your inbox decluttered. And don’t forget that it’s not just your messages that are taking up space and making everything slow down — it’s the attachments too.

While inbox zero might be the goal for many, it’s just not a reality for most of us. That shouldn’t discourage you from trying to keep things decluttered and organized, though. Go ahead and clean up your Gmail account today. Because despite it being filled with emails still, there are some benefits to enjoy just from an organized inbox as well.

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