How to Clear Opera History on Computer and Mobile

In this guide, we will discover: How to Clear Opera History on Computer and Mobile – Easy Beginners Guide

Opera is a multitasking browser that gives you access to various features and accessibility options. You can control what you see, browse, and download online.

With Opera, you have access to almost everything. You have complete control over your privacy, browser cache, saved passwords, addresses, form data, and more. However, you need to clear this all up occasionally, as it can lead to data theft.

Also, the stored data can clutter your browser for no reason and cause it to crash and lag, bringing down your efficiency.

We have listed the steps for removing your browser history from the Opera browser on your mobile phone and computer.

From Opera Computer

You can easily clear the browser history from your computer browser by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open the Opera browser on your computer.
  2. Click on the Gear icon to open the Settings page.
    Gear icon for Settings option in Opera computer
  3. Switch to the Privacy & Security tab and open the Clear browsing data options.
    Clear browsing data option under Privacy and Security settings page on Opera computer
  4. Select the Time Range and enable the checkbox for the Browsing History option.
    Clear browsing history from the Clear data window on Opera computer
  5. Hit the Clear Data command button.

It will immediately delete the browsing history for the selected time range on your Opera for the computer.

From Opera Android

It is easy to clear your browsing history on your Android phone from the History menu. All you need to do is:

  1. Open the Opera app on your Android phone.
  2. Tap the Profile icon for the menu options and select the History menu.
    History menu on the Opera Android
  3. Tap the Delete button on the history page and confirm to clear all browsing history.
    Clear browsing history from the Opera Android

By clearing your browsing history, you can eliminate much of your browsing and behavior data.

From Opera app iPhone

The Opera browser on iPhone or iPad has a similar option to clear the browsing history. You can follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Opera app on iPhone/iPad.
  2. Tap on the More horizontal 3bar icon menu for options and select the History menu.
    History menu on Opera app for iPhoneIt will open the browsing history page.
  3. Tap on the Options menu and select the Clear History command.
    Clear History option under the History page options menu on Opera iPhone
  4. Hit on the Clear command to remove browsing history.
    Clear command on the Clear browsing history pop-up in Opera for iPhone

It will remove the entire browsing history displayed on the History page.

Bottom Line

You must clear your browsing history, cache, and passwords, among others, on Opera. In this way, you can eliminate this unnecessary data and avoid falling for unauthorized access.

Clearing the browser data also ensures the smooth functioning of your browser and prevents it from crashing down.

If your Opera browser is connected and synced on different devices, then clearing the data from one browser app will also remove from the other connected devices.

Lastly, if you’ve any thoughts or feedback on How to Clear Opera History on Computer and Mobile, then feel free to drop in below comment box. You can also report the outdated information.

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