How to Create AI Images in Paint on Windows 11 (2024)

Are you seeing a lot of mind-blowing artwork on your Instagram feed, leaving you curious about how you can create such mesmerizing art yourself? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that in the recent Windows 11 update, Microsoft has introduced an AI image generator called Cocreator to the Paint app. With a simple prompt, you can create some of the most astonishing image art. So, without any further ado, let’s learn how to generate images using AI in the Paint app.


Before we begin generating images using nothing but text, here are a few factors you should keep in mind:

  • As of writing this article, the Paint Cocreator is available for Windows 11 23H2 or the above versions only.
  • The Cocreator feature is available in limited countries only – United States, France, UK, Australia, Canada, Italy, and Germany.
  • Initially, to get early access to Cocreator, you need to join the waiting list. To do that, simply open the Paint app, click the Cocreator button, and hit the Join waitlist button.

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Generate AI Images Using Paint Cocreator Tool

Now that you met all the requirements, here’s how to generate AI images from text in the Paint app:

1. Search and open the Paint app using Windows Search (Windows Key + S). If you haven’t downloaded or updated the Paint app on your PC, you can do so from the Microsoft Store.

launch paint app from Windows Search

2. Next, click on the Cocreator button. A side panel will pop up, offering you a text prompt field (this is where you’ll enter your AI art prompt), the option to select your art style (such as sketch, watercolor, or photorealistic), and a token counter.

click on the Cocreator button

You’ll receive a total of 50 tokens or credits. Please use these tokens carefully, as you have a limit of 50 tokens, with each prompt requiring 1 token to generate an image.

token coins to generate an AI image

3. Now to generate an image through AI, enter the prompt, choose your art style, and then hit the Create button.

For example, we will enter the prompt – “a cat sitting on the desk watching movies on laptop while drinking cola” and choose the art style as Digital Art.

enter the prompt and choose your art style

It will then display three samples from which you can choose the one you prefer.

3 AI Images will be generated in the Paint app

Note: If you use cuss words in the prompt, it won’t generate an image.

Paint Cocreator is not generating AI Image

4. To save the image to your Windows PC, hover your cursor over the image sample you like and then click on the Meatball Icon (3-dotted icon).

click on the Meatball Icon

5. After that, select the Save image option.

select the Save image option

6. Now all you need to do is select the file location and click the Save button.

select the file location to save AI Image Art

Tip: Your AI-generated images will be saved in PNG format with a resolution of 1024 pixels.

Tips for Writing AI Image Prompts

When creating AI art prompts, there are many factors to consider. For instance, you can’t just type a simple prompt like “monkey using a laptop” and expect to get amazing artwork results. It’s essential to provide a more detailed and descriptive prompt, such as “a monkey wearing a suit scratching its head while using a laptop in an office.” Here is what the two different prompts generated. You will notice the difference in details. Your input will determine the output.

Basic Prompt vs Descriptive Promt for generating AI Art

Note: While we do encourage you to be descriptive when writing a prompt, avoid overloading it to the point where the AI system becomes confused. Between 5 to 10 words would be more than enough.

A few additional things to keep in mind are:

  • Use simple English words in prompts for the AI to understand and generate images.
  • Use as many adjectives as possible to describe your artwork’s subject, style, and composition.
  • Use popular chatbots, such as ChatGPT, Bing Chat, and Google Bard to generate a prompt. For example, in the below screenshot, we used ChatGPT to create a prompt.
Use ChatGPT to generate a prompt for AI image

As you can see, the Paint Cocreator tool was able to accurately depict a monkey riding a banana in the space.

AI Generated Image using Paint on Windows

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1. Is the Paint Cocreator tool free?

In the beginning, you will receive 50 tokens or credits, with one credit applied per use. However, Microsoft has provided no clarification on what happens when the credits are exhausted or how much it will cost when the beta testing is completed.

2. How well are the images produced when using Paint Co-creator?

Most of the time, the images generated through Cocreator are of high quality and won’t disappoint. However, occasionally, it might miss a few edges, facial expressions may appear strange, or the color might not be satisfactory. Nevertheless, there’s no need to worry; you can simply retry it to see alternative results.

Crafting AI Art in Windows Paint App

While there are many AI image generator tools out there, the majority of them are paid, offer a limited number of credits, or produce subpar results. Thankfully, in the Paint app, there is no such issue. You’ll be happy with the AI-generated results, and we think 50 credits or tokens will be enough for most users to test drive the app. However, we have yet to confirm whether these 50 credits are granted monthly or as a one-time allocation.

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