How to Create AI Spiral Images and Other Optical Illusions (2024)

First, it was the ChatGPT. Then came AI image-generating apps like MidJorney. Then the competition caught up with the likes of Google Bard and Bing AI arriving on the scene. And now, the latest phenomenon is AI spiral images which are also called blended images where two different images are merged in a way to create AI art. It is going viral on X (formerly Twitter). Want to create one yourself and share but don’t know how? We will share exactly how to create AI spiral images and other optical illusions with the help of AI tools, for free. No subscriptions, no ads, and no email IDs needed.

AI Image Generators to Create Optical Illusions

There are a couple of websites that claim to create AI and grid-shaped images and you will see varying degrees of results depending on your input and what is generated as output.

For example, we used ArtBreeder’s Pattern tool in a web browser. The input was ‘A mountain with sunset’ and the pattern we chose was default which is grid.

This is what we got. Looks something else, isn’t it? You can create them to and we will show how in a minute.

You will notice that there are four squares. The mountain itself is one of the squares. This time, we repeated the same request but in a different pattern. Circle. The result wasn’t what we were expecting.

So it is important to choose the right prompt with the right pattern to get the desired results. Thankfully, it only takes 15-20 seconds for the AI to generate an image. So you can have multiple go at it.

Then we played around with text blending with different elements like water and fire. Can you guess what’s written in the waves? It’s ‘techwiser’!

We then found another app called Spirals from X (Twitter) user called Steven Tey. This one was specifically programmed to create spiral images of mesmerizing optical illusions using AI.

After a couple of attempts, we got something unique and different. Something worth sharing. Here it is. The prompt was ‘a woman walking down a spiral street in an old town’.

You can also try and blend images that you may have to create even more awesome effects. For example, we took the image of a lion and asked the AI tool to merge it with the sky in a spiral pattern. After a couple of times, we got this. Here is a side-by-side comparison of the original pic and the one generated by AI.

But there are settings to choose other interesting shapes like a triangle too. We created one. Go check it out.

AI Spirals and Other Patterns

Go and create your own AI-generated spiral, grid, or other patterns by using images that you already own. You can also use the AI to create two different images and blend them in a way that looks out of this world. See what you get.

At this point, this is fun and another chapter in the AI journey. Most probably, this is one of those things that trends for some time and then people just forget about it.

There are many other AI art generators that you can try to generate art or just for fun. Do share with us your creations.



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