How to Disable Google Search Infinite Scroll

Is Google Search not showing page numbers for search results on your desktop? Don’t worry. Nothing is wrong with your browser or any extension in the browser. It’s a new feature from Google that shows continuous search results as you scroll down. If you don’t like this feature, you can turn it off. Let’s learn how to turn off infinite scroll in Google Search.

What Has Changed in Google Search

Before we move to the steps to disable infinite scroll in Google Search, let’s understand what has changed in Google Search. Basically, earlier, you would click on the page number at the bottom of the Google search to see more search results. Each page displays only 10 results.

Google has changed that now and switched from pages to infinite scroll. So as you keep scrolling down in Google search, you will automatically see new results after the Related Searches section.

This will happen till approximately 6 pages and then the search results will stop showing. You will then see a More Results button that you would need to click to see further results.

However, not everyone is a fan of infinite scrolling in Google Search. Page numbers have helped users keep track of Google search results, especially while researching. It also helped website owners to see how their website was ranking or which page it was on.

Thankfully, you can turn off the infinite scroll feature in Google search results, as shown in the next section.

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How to Turn off Continuous Scrolling on Google Search

Follow these steps to disable Google Search infinite scrolling on the desktop:

1. Open in a browser on your PC.

2. Click on Settings at the bottom and select Search settings.

Tip: You can also directly open the Google search settings page.

3. Click on Other settings from the left side.

4. Now, turn off the toggle next to Continuous scroll.

5. Close the browser and relaunch it. Now, search for anything in Google, and the endless scrolling in search will have stopped.

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What Happens When You Turn off Continuous Scroll in Search

When you turn off the Continuous scroll feature in Google Search, the search results will not automatically appear after the Related Searches section as you scroll down. However, sadly, even the pagination i.e., page numbers do not return. But you will now see a More Results button at the end of the first page of search results.

You need to click on it to see the next set of results. Similarly, when you reach the end of the second page results, you will again see the More results button and a similar thing will continue for other pages.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I turn off Google search infinite scrolling on mobile?

No. You cannot disable infinite scrolling for Google search results on mobile.

2. Can I turn off infinite scrolling on other websites?

Yes, you can turn it off on some websites. Check our guide to learn how to disable infinite scroll on websites.

Manage Google Search

Hope you were able to disable infinite scrolling in Google Search. Once you are ready to use Google again, learn how to view and delete your Google search history. Also, know how to access your Google activity.

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