How to Download WebDriver for Browsers Automation Testing?

In this guide, we will discover: How to Download WebDriver for Browsers Automation Testing? – Easy Beginners Guide

The WebDriver is the bridge between the web browser and automation software. It helps pass the instruction to a browser to interact with website elements like forms, buttons, input fields, etc.

Every browser has its own webdriver build. You cannot use the webdriver for one browser to interact with our browser as they are not inter-compatible.

Without WebDriver, you cannot even open the browser; hence, they are a core part of web automation. It can also emulate the different mobile devices on a desktop browser.

What is WebDriver?

A web driver is a software program that enables interaction between a web browser and an automated test script. It is used in test automation frameworks to simulate user interactions with web applications, such as filling out forms, clicking buttons, and navigating different pages.

They are available in different programming languages like Java, Python, Ruby, etc.

It supports popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc. These WebDrivers are developed and maintained by the official browser developers.

Download Chrome WebDriver

The Chrome WebDriver, also known as ChromeDriver, releases the latest iteration of the drivers along with the new Chrome version. You need to download its compatible ChromeDriver version for every new Chrome browser version.

There are different developer channels for ChromeDrivers, like Canary, Stable, etc., but sticking with the Stable version is recommended. To begin with, check out their official documentation for installation and other instructions.

WebDriver is available for all operating systems that can download Chrome browser.

Chrome WebDriver

Enable Safari WebDriver

The Safari WebDriver, known as SafariDriver, is already integrated into the MacOS. However, it’s disabled by default that needs to be enabled using the terminal command by a sudo user:

safaridriver --enable

Once enabled, you can start using the SafariDriver in your automation test script and interact with the website loaded on the Safari browser. You can refer to this official documentation for testing instructions.

Safari WebDriver

Download Edge WebDriver

The Microsoft Edge WebDriver has multiple versions with respect to the browser version and also has different channels like Stable, Beta, Dev, and Canary.

You can check their official documentation for installation and integration with the automation software. WebDriver is available for all the operating systems that support downloading Edge browser.

Edge WebDriver

Bottom Line

Test automation is fundamentally the best way to avoid a repetitive task that can eliminate manual testing. With WebDriver support, testing a website or web app within the browser interface has become quite effortless.

You have multiple browsers supported with their web drivers that you can check for compatibility issues. However, with the help of programming languages like Python, when integrated with WebDriver, you can automate the manual task that needs your web browser.

Similarly, for other browsers, you can find the Opera Chromium Driver and Firefox Geckodriver on their GitHub repository.

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