How To Fix Enter Network Credentials in Windows 11 (2023)

If you get the Enter network credentials in Windows 11 error, you may first check if you have entered the correct credentials on Windows 11. If you are not able to access the network even after the initial checks, you may fix the network credentials issue by following the solutions in the article.

1. Disable Password-Protected Sharing

If you have protected your files and folders using passwords, they become difficult to access across the network. The Enter network credentials in Windows 11 error can be kept at bay by turning off password protected sharing. When you disable the option, file-sharing can be done without entering credentials.

Right-click the network icon in the taskbar, and select “Network and Internet settings.”

Select Network and Internet settings
Select Network And Internet Settings

Select “Advanced network settings” on the right side.

Select Advanced network settings to fix Enter network credentials in Windows 11 
Select Advanced Network Settings

Now, select “Advanced sharing settings” under More settings.

Select Advanced sharing settings
Select Advanced Sharing Settings

Expand All networks and toggle off “Password protected sharing” to access resources without a password.

Toggle off Password protected sharing to fix Enter network credentials in Windows 11 
Toggle Off Password Protected Sharing

Once your work is done, remember to re-enable the option for security.

2. Clear All Credentials

Credential Manager is a place where all your usernames and passwords are stored. Just like decluttering your space, you can clear all the credentials from Windows Credential Manager. This might fix network credentials errors.

Press the Windows key + R to open the Run dialog box. Type “notepad” and click “OK” to open a notepad.

Type notepad and click OK
Type Notepad And Click OK

Copy and paste the following code into the notepad.

Paste code in notepad to fix Enter network credentials in Windows 11 
Paste Code In Notepad

Select File > Save as and give the filename ClearCredentials.bat.

Select File > Save as
Select File > Save As

Then, in the Save as type field, select “All files” and Click “Save” to save the file.

Save the batch file
Save The Batch File

Finally, run the batch file by running it as an administrator.

3. Add The Target PC Credentials To The Credential Manager

It is necessary to know the credentials of the target computer to access the data contained in it. But if you get the Enter network credentials in Windows 11 error while trying to gain entry, you may manually add its credentials to the Credential Manager.

Type “credential manager” in the search bar and open the Credential Manager.

Open Credential Manager
Open Credential Manager

Select “Windows Credentials” under Manage your credentials and click “Add a Windows credential.”

Select Windows Credentials > Add a Windows credential
Select Windows Credentials > Add A Windows Credential

Now, add the credentials of the PC you want to access and click “OK.”

Add credentials and click OK to fix Enter network credentials in Windows 11 
Add Credentials And Click OK

4. Make The Network Profile Private

If you have opted for a public profile, you may face issues while sharing files as the firewall plays its part. So, you can make the profile private and check if the network credentials on Windows error persists.

Press the Windows key + I to open Windows Settings. Next, select “Network & Internet” in the left pane and “Properties” in the right.

Select Network & internet > Properties
Select Network & Internet > Properties

Select “Private network” under the Network profile type, and the profile changes to Private.

Select Private network
Select Private Network

5. Tweak Local Security Policy

It can happen that some security policies of your PC are the culprit behind the Enter network credentials in Windows 11 issue. Disabling the particular policy can help you get past the error to access the Windows computer.

Press the Windows key + R to open the Run command box. Type “secpol.msc” and click “OK.”

Type secpol.msc and click OK
Type Secpol.Msc And Click OK

Select Local Policies > Security Options. Double-click the “Accounts: Limit local account use of blank passwords to console logon only policy” option. Next, select the “Disabled” radio button and click “OK” to apply the changes.

6. Use Microsoft Account Credentials Or Computer Name

Using your Microsoft account credentials instead of the local ones can sometimes save the situation. So, if you are getting the credentials error repeatedly, use your Microsoft account’s username and password to log in.

Another workaround is using the name of the computer and the account name as the username. For example, if the computer name is Computer5 and the account name is Sarah010, enter both together without space in the username field. So, this becomes Computer5Sarah010. Now, enter the password in the password field, and you will probably gain access.

7. Create A New User Account

If your user account is corrupted, you may get the Enter network credentials in Windows 11 error. As a result, moving files will become impossible. So, we will create a new user account and log in using its credentials.

Open Settings and select Accounts > Other users.

Select Accounts > Other users
Select Accounts > Other Users

Click the “Add account” button beside Add the other user under Other users.

Click Add account
Click Add Account

Click “I don’t have this person’s sign-in information.”

Click I don’t have this person’s sign-in information
Click I Don’t Have This Person’s Sign-In Information

Select “Add a user without a Microsoft account.”

Select Add a user without a Microsoft account
Select Add A User Without A Microsoft Account

Next, follow the on-screen instructions to enter the account credentials and complete the account creation process.

Enter account credentials
Enter Account Credentials

Now, log in to the new account instead of the old one and check if the issue has been resolved.

8. Disable Credential Manager Automatic Startup

You can disable the automatic startup of Credential Manager on your Windows machine to tackle the network credential issue. Let us see how this can be done from the Services window.

Press the Windows key + R to open Run. Type “services.msc” and click “OK.”

Type services.msc and click OK
Type Services.Msc And Click OK

Double-click “Credential Manager.”

Double-click Credential Manager
Double-Click Credential Manager

Select “Disabled” in the Startup type drop-down box. Then, finally, click “Apply” and “OK” and close the Services window.

Select Disabled and click Apply and OK
Select Disabled And Click Apply And OK

Restart your PC and check if you can connect to the network now.

9. Restart Credential Manager

A simple restart of the Credential Manager might save your day by solving the Enter network credentials in Windows 11 issue. If the issue has been due to some utility fault, restarting it will get you through. We will do this again from the Services window.

Open services.msc from the Run dialog box. Double-click “Credential Manager” to open the Properties window.

If the Credential Manager is working, click the “Stop” button and wait for some time before clicking the “Start” button. If it is already disabled, click the “Start” button to make it function. Then, select “Automatic” in the Startup type drop-down box.

Select Automatic
Select Automatic

Finally, click “Apply” and “OK.”

10. Set IP Address To Automatic

If the IP address for your Windows 11 system is misconfigured, you might face network credentials problems often. As a corrective measure, let us set the IP address to Automatic and see if the issue is resolved.

Press the Windows key + R to open Run. Type “ncpa.cpl” and click “OK.”

Type ncpa.cpl ad click OK
Type Ncpa.Cpl Ad Click OK

In the next window, right-click on your network and select “Properties.”

Select Properties
Select Properties

Double-click the “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” option.

Double-click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
Double-Click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)

Enable the radio buttons “Obtain an IP address automatically” and “Obtain DNS server address automatically” in the General tab. Click “OK” and restart your PC.

Click OK
Click OK

11. Use Safe Mode With Networking

Booting your system into safe mode with networking will uncover the issues with your operating system. When in safe mode, the OS loads only the essential drivers, making it easy to identify the cause of the Enter network credentials in Windows 11 issue. If the error disappears in the safe mode, you can blame any of the disabled devices or applications. Find the steps to use safe mode below.

Open the Start menu while keeping the Shift key pressed. Next, click the Power button in the lower-right corner and select “Restart.”

Press Shift + Restart
Press Shift + Restart

When the OS restarts, you will get the Choose an option window. Click “Troubleshoot.”

Click Troubleshoot
Click Troubleshoot

In the Troubleshoot window, click “Advanced options.”

Click Advanced options
Click Advanced Options

When the Advanced options screen loads, click “Startup Settings.” If this option is not visible, click “See more recovery options” to get it.

Click Startup Settings
Click Startup Settings

In the Startup Settings window, you will be notified that you can change Windows options after restarting. Click the Restart button.

Click Restart
Click Restart

Once restarted, press 5 or F5 to enable the safe mode with networking to access network without issues.

Press 5 or F5
Press 5 Or F5

Final Thoughts

Whenever you need to access any of the machines in a network, you must use a username and password, known as network credentials. This is a part of Windows security to keep all network data and resources safe. But several users come across the Enter network credentials in Windows 11 error, where they are unable to access the network.

The post addresses the Enter the credentials issue with many handy solutions. Once you have done the initial checks, like checking for faulty keys or Caps Lock turned on, you can try these fixes to get easy access to shared folders and files across the network.

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