How to Fix This site can’t be reached on Brave computer? – guide 2023

In this guide, we will learn: How to Fix This site can’t be reached on Brave computer? – guide 2023

While surfing the web, everyone encounters an error now and then. Error 404, your connection isn’t private, and this site cannot be reached are some common errors. It’s hard to understand why these occur, which can be infuriating.

Sometimes simply refreshing the page works, while sometimes, you have to adopt different methods to get everything to start working.

One of the most irritating errors is the this site cannot be reached error that occurs often. It doesn’t cite a specific issue, and various factors might cause it. It’s confusing and doesn’t provide much information on how to resolve the problem.

This ambiguous error does not have a specific solution, but you can try many different things to fit in.

Since this error is relatively standard, we can combat it in a few simple ways. I cannot predict which method will work for you, but it is best to try all the methods until you find one that works. And the best part? None of them take more than 5 minutes!

“This site cannot be reached” issues like timed-out connections, DNS lookup failure, firewall interference, etc., can cause errors. Sometimes, the most common causes of this error are a lack of Internet access or a misconfigured network.

It is worth noting that the browser can suggest some solutions, like checking the connection or proxy and firewall, but it doesn’t always work.

Now that we have discussed the error, let us see how you can fix it. Here are some solutions for resolving the issue.

Restart Internet Modem

This is perhaps the most straightforward method, but it can work wonders too. Just restart your internet modem, and it might just fix the error.

You can check the internet service provider if there is any disruption in the network.

Clear Browser Cache

Browser cache can sometimes build up and cause errors. Clearing it can help the browser run smoothly.

Here are the steps to clear the Brave browser cache:

  1. Launch Brave browser on a computer.
  2. Open the browser Settings through the hamburgerhorizontal 3bar icon menu.
  3. Click Clear browsing data under the Privacy and Security category.
    Brave Browser Privacy and Security with Clear browser data tab
  4. Click on the browser data you wish to delete from the Basic, Advanced, or On exit tab.
    Clear Browsing Data for Last One Hour in Brave ComputerThis can include cached images and files, cookies, etc.
  5. Click on Clear Data to finish the process.

The browser cache will be deleted immediately. It will also sign you out of most websites. However, the underlying issue will be fixed.

Disable Browser Extensions 2023

Sometimes, the browser extensions may interfere with the browser. Mostly the content and ad blocker extensions can create issues. Disabling them may fix the issue.

Here are the steps to disable the Brave browser extensions:

  1. Launch Brave browser on the computer.
  2. Go to browser settings by clicking on Settings in the hamburger menu.
    Brave browser Settings menu option
  3. Choose Extensions from the left panel, and click on the Manage extensions option.
    Manage Extensions tab in Brave browser
  4. Disable all browser extensions by toggling off the extension switches.
    Disable Brave Browser Extension on Computer

Try accessing the website after disabling the extensions. You can re-enable the extension one after the other if the issue is resolved and remove the conflicting extension.

Create a Browser Profile

You can create a new profile on the Brave browser and use it. It will have separate settings and configurations.

Here are the steps to create a Brave browser profile on a computer:

  1. Launch Brave on the computer.
  2. Click on Create a new profile in the More horizontal 3bar icon menu option.
    Create a New Profile in Brave Computer browserIt will open the Create Profile window.
  3. In the Customize your Brave profile page, add a name and pick a theme color.
    Customize your Brave profile in computer browser
  4. Click on the Done command button.

You can also add a desktop shortcut to the profile by checking the box. Use this new profile, as it may allow you to access the website.

Reset Browser Settings

Resetting browser settings can fix several issues, including the “this site cannot be reached” error. However, resetting the browser will remove settings, clear the cache, and delete extensions.

Here are the steps to reset the Brave browser settings:

  1. Launch Brave browser on the computer.
  2. Click on the More horizontal 3bar icon menu and select the Settings menu.
    Brave browser Settings menu option
  3. Under the Additional settings and select the Reset settings tab.
  4. Click on Restore settings to their original defaults option.
    Restore settings to their original settings in Brave computerIt will open the reset settings confirmation page.
  5. Hit on the Reset Settings to confirm.
    Reset Settings command in Brave Browser

The browser settings will be reverted to default. You need to relaunch the browser and try accessing the sites.

Bottom Line: Brave Site Cannot Reach

The “this site cannot be reached” error is an annoying error that can happen due to several reasons. It is hard to figure out why the issue arose, but luckily there are many solutions to this problem. However, to solve this issue, you might have to keep trying different things until something works.

Trial and error is the way to go when fixing this issue. You can clear your browser cache, restart your internet modem, and reset your browser settings, among other things. As you can tell, all of these methods are extremely easy and can be done within minutes.

Read this article and try any methods to fix the “this site cannot be reached” error. If you are lucky, the first method you try might work for you! If not, you should keep trying others!

Lastly, here are the recommended web browsers for computer and mobile phone that you should give a try.

If you’ve any thoughts on How to Fix: This site can’t be reached on Brave computer?, then feel free to drop in below comment box.

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