How to Prevent Chrome from Saving Images as WebP: 5 Methods

While downloading images on Chrome, you may have come across the WebP format. It’s an open-source image format developed by Google, designed to offer improved compression while maintaining image quality. However, if your computer lacks native WebP support or you prefer other formats like JPEG or PNG, we will show different ways to stop Chrome from saving images in WebP format.

1. Chrome Extension

One of the easiest ways to stop images from saving in WebP format on Chrome browser is by using the Save image as Type extension. Just install it on your Google Chrome and then right-click on any image you want to download and save.

After that, click Save image as Type from the context menu and then choose the image format that you want to download in. That’s it.

save WebP images in other formats

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2. Take a Screenshot

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of installing an extension on your browser, then you can simply take a screenshot of an image. While this is not an optimal solution for many, it is an alternative if you are in a hurry and don’t really care about image quality.

3. Use an Image Converter App or Web Tool

The problem with using an extension is that Chrome’s mobile apps don’t support extensions. To deal with this issue, install an image converter app on your iPhone or Android phone.

Image Converter App for iPhone and Android

On the other hand, you can use free online tools like CloudConvert to convert your WebP images to any other format directly in your browser.

Image Converter Web Tool

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4. Use the Paint App on Windows

Another way to convert a WebP image to any other format is by using the Paint app on your Windows PC. Just copy the WebP image and paste it into the Paint app.

copy the WebP image

Then click on the File tab, select Save as menu, and choose the desired image format.

choose the desired image format

If you’ve already downloaded the WebP image file on Chrome browser, open it in the Paint app and follow the same steps to convert it to another format.

open the WebP image in the Paint app

Breaking Free From WebP

It is inconvenient for some users to save images in WebP. However, there are several advantages to using WebP images, including smaller file sizes, support for lossless and lossy compression modes, reduced bandwidth usage, and more. But, if you still prefer to save images in other formats than WebP on Chrome, there are several ways to stop Chrome from saving images as WebP in your browser.

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