How to Share WhatsApp Status to Facebook Story

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In this guide, we will learn: How to Share WhatsApp Status to Facebook Story – guide 2023

Do you know how to share WhatsApp status to Facebook story? If you don’t, check out the best way to do that.

Facebook and WhatsApp are two common social platforms. On Facebook, users can share their life experiences and views on my topic, post images and videos, and comment on other people’s statuses.

On the contrary, WhatsApp is used for one-to-one or group communication. However, you can even post images, links, and videos as WhatsApp statuses that your contacts can view.

One common feature of these two platforms is it lets you share a text, photo, or video with your audience for 24 hours. It’s called status in WhatsApp and Story on Facebook.

After this time, the status or story will disappear automatically.

A screenshot of illustration of Facebook Stories (Photo: Courtesy of Facebook)

Many users want to post the same photo, video, and text on both WhatsApp and Facebook. They can do that easily using a native feature offered by WhatsApp.

When you update your status on WhatsApp, it shows the option to share it as a Facebook story. Read this blog till the end to know how to share WhatsApp status to Facebook story.

Before you proceed to share your WhatsApp status, remember that the feature is only available when you’ve got a Facebook app (Facebook Android, Facebook Lite, Facebook for iOS) installed on your system.

If you access your Facebook account from your mobile web browser, this feature won’t be available for you.

How to Share WhatsApp Status to Facebook Story While Posting

While you’re posting a WhatsApp status, you can share that on your Facebook story at the same time.

Just follow these steps and put statuses on both platforms.

How to Share WhatsApp Status to Facebook Story After Posting

So, you’ve posted something on your WhatsApp story and got a good response from your contacts. Now, you may want to have it as your Facebook story as well.

But how can you do that? Would you search for that video or image and post it again on Facebook?

What if you’ve spent a good amount of time editing the image? Will you start from scratch or manage by taking a low-quality screenshot?

Jokes apart, there is no need to go through these tedious processes.

Even after some hours have passed since posting the WhatsApp status, you can share that as a Facebook story following the steps below:

Share Old WhatsApp Status on Android with Multiple Facebook Apps

If you have both Facebook and Facebook Lite apps on your Android phone and run multiple accounts on these, you need to do the following:

  • Open WhatsApp, where you have already posted statuses earlier.
  • Select the Status tab.
  • Tap on the three-dots icon beside the My status option.
  • If you want to share one status, tap on the vertical three-dots icon on the right side of it.
  • For multiple status sharing, long tap the statuses to select and select the three-dots icon.
  • Now, choose the Share… option.
  • From the options, select Your story for Facebook or Facebook Lite where you want to share it.
  • You’ll be redirected to that app.
  • Click on the Share button to share your WhatsApp status as the Facebook story.

Sharing WhatsApp Status to Facebook Story: FAQs

Can You See How Many Times Someone Viewed Your WhatsApp Status?

No, you can’t see how many times someone viewed your WhatsApp status. Though WhatsApp shows you who viewed your status, it doesn’t show how many times.

Remember, if someone mutes your stories and then chooses to view them, WhatsApp won’t count that as a view.


Both Facebook and WhatsApp play an important role in terms of online interaction and communication in our daily life.

WhatsApp status is a feature quite similar to the Facebook story. Sometimes, you might want to share your WhatsApp status with your Facebook friends.

For that, you don’t have to upload the same image or video on Facebook separately. From this post, you can easily learn how to share WhatsApp status to Facebook story.

Now, you can share this blog as your WhatsApp Status and Facebook story together. It’ll help your Facebook friends and WhatsApp contacts learn about this useful tip.

How easy was the implementation experience of the methods I’ve mentioned? Tell me in the comments.

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