How to Use Brave Tor Browsing to Hide IP on Computer – guide 2023

In this guide, we will discover: How to Use Brave Tor Browsing to Hide IP on Computer – guide 2023

You must be familiar with the incognito private browsing mode. It is used when one does not want to leave a trace behind their browsing activities.

The incognito mode is a pretty nifty feature that almost all browsers have. Your browsing history, including cookies, is not retained on your computer when you use Incognito mode.

The private browsing mode makes users feel safe, knowing nobody can know what they are doing online. Brave browser has a private mode with a twist. It makes the users feel extra safe when browsing the web in secret.

The Private Window in Brave with Tor is a more advanced version of the Incognito Mode. Thanks to Tor, it hides the user’s IP address since the user does not directly visit the site.

If you have been using the Brave browser and are unfamiliar with private browsing with Tor, you must start using it. It differs from private browsing, which does conceal not only your browsing data but also your IP address. Brave Private Tor Browsing.

Private browsing with Tor is unique because it utilizes Tor as a web proxy to conceal your IP address when accessing the web. Brave does not simply connect to a webpage when you are within a Tor Private Window. Instead, you join a Tor network chain of three computers, one after the other, and finally, to the website of your choice.

Private Window with Tor

Private browsing with Tor has many benefits. It hides your IP address from others, adding an extra layer of security.

Here are the steps to launch private browsing with Tor on the Brave computer:

  1. Launch Brave browser, and click on the More horizontal 3bar icon menu.
  2. Select the New Private window with Tor from the menu.
    New Private Window with Tor on Brave ComputerIt will launch private browsing.
  3. Check for connection status to change from Tor is connecting to Tor connected successfully on the new open tab.
    Tor connected successfully on Brave computer browserIt may take a few seconds but be patient.

You can now start browsing the internet privately with Tor browsing enabled within the Brave browser.

Alternatively, you can use the Brave keyboard shortcut. Press the Alt + Shift + N keys for Windows and Cmd + Option + N on Mac simultaneously to access the private window with Tor.

Bottom Line: Brave Tor Browsing

Brave browser is a great browser filled with several features. This privacy-centric browser has a unique take on the private or incognito mode. You can use the private window with Tor to browse the internet freely. You can use the feature to browse any website or search for anything online.

Private browsing with the Tor feature gives users the gift of anonymity. Using Tor as a proxy, the user’s IP address is kept under wraps. The user is connected to three computers, one after the other, with only one knowing where the connection is coming from. The other two do not know. The website the user visits knows that the data has been changed but does not know the user’s IP address.

You can use the private window with Tor for extra security. This feature is perfect for hiding your IP address while enjoying Brave’s other features. Using it is easy, and you can even access the private window with Tor with the help of a keyboard shortcut.

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