How to Use Emojis to Mark Saved Places in Google Maps

Google recently introduced a new feature to its Maps service, allowing you to mark your favorite locations using emojis. This is a nifty feature to have because in earlier versions (prior to version 11.95.0300), all the Saved Places used a common icon on Google Maps, potentially leading to confusion. Here’s a guide on how to mark Saved Places with emojis in Google Maps.

Mark Places With Emojis on Google Maps

The method is nearly identical to how you saved a location on Google Maps. The only difference arises when adding emojis. Allow me to provide you with detailed instructions:

1. Launch the Google Maps on your iPhone or Android phone and then touch and hold a spot on the map that you want to save.

2. A pop-up will appear from the bottom of the screen. Tap on the Save button (Bookmark icon) and then tap New list.

3. Next, tap the Choose icon button and select an emoji to represent the place. You can choose any emoji icon here including smileys, food, vehicles, etc.

select an emoji to represent the place

4. Afterward, enter a name and description for the list, and then tap Create.

Save Places With Emojis on Google Maps

That’s it! Now your saved place will be displayed with an emoji on the map.

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Replace Old Saved Places With Emojis on Google Maps

If you already have a place saved in your Google Maps, you can also add emojis to them. Here’s how:

1. Open Google Maps and switch to the Saved tab.

2. Select the saved place to which you want to add an emoji, and then tap the Edit button.

Select the saved place

3. Next, tap the Choose icon to add an emoji.

tap Choose icon to add an emoji

4. Once you are happy with the selected emoji, hit Save and your saved place will be updated with an emoji.

Replace Old Saved Places With Emojis

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1. Can I mark places with emojis on the web version of Google Maps?

As of writing this article, there are no options available to mark places with emojis on the Google Maps web app. There is also no way to add emojis to existing saved places in the web app.

2. Which emoji will display on Google Maps when I add any place to multiple lists?

In this scenario, it will display the emoji associated with the first list you added it to. To display the emoji from another list, you’ll need to remove the saved place from all lists, and then add it first to the specific list where you want to see the emoji before including it in any other list.

Google Maps Is Emojical

Thanks to emojis, locating your saved places on Google Maps has become incredibly visual and intuitive. Adding an emoji also adds a personalized touch to your Google Maps experience. We hope our guide helped you add emojis to your saved places without any issues.

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