How to write Valentine’s Day Greetings using ChatBOT – Guide 2023

In this guide, we will learn: How to write Valentine’s Day Greetings using ChatGPT – guide 2023

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and ahead of the day, people are looking for various ways to make their special ones feel even more special. One of the eldest yet an endearing way of expressing one’s feelings has been ‘writing a letter’ but sometimes in today’s hectic life, people find it difficult to get enough time or enough inspiration to write a perfect letter. Moreover, finding the right words also causes to be a problem. However, if you want to write a letter and need help, ChatGPT could be your thing.

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI, that has increasingly become a ‘Valentine tool’ these days. It is being used by many to write greetings for Valentine’s day this year.

ChatGPT for Letters: Report

A survey conducted by cyber-security company McAfee claims that around 62% of Indians are planning to use ChatGPT to write a love letter for V-Day. The most popular reason for using the ChatGPT is that the sender feels more confident (59%), 2nd one is lack of time (32%), the third is lack of inspiration (26%) and the last one is it will be quicker and easier (14%). All these people obviously expect that they won’t be found out.

In their report titled ‘Modern Love’ McAfee surveyed 5000 people across 9 countries to discover how AI and the internet are changing love and relationships. And it is in this report that 62% of Indian men were found taking help from ChatGPT.

“With the rise in popularity of AI, particularly with a web browser can access, the chances of receiving machine-generated information are on the rise,” said Steve Grobman, McAfee Chief Technology Officer.

Moreover, the letters felt so original that over 69% of people failed to tell the difference between a love letter written by AI and one written by a human being. And 65% preferred a machine-generated note.

Steps to write a Valentine’s Day letter using ChatGPT

  1. To use ChatGPT, first create an account on the Open AI website-
  2. Click on the sign-up option
  3. In case the website is taking time to load, refresh the page or check after some time.
  4. Verify your account.
  5. You will receive a link on your email ID, follow the link sent to your id and complete the verification process.
  6. Fill up the details and proceed.
  7. Now that you have signed up, you can freely use ChatGPT.

Type any command that you wish to know about in the search bar and it will give an answer.

So, ladies if you come across an immaculate ad nicely worded nearly perfect letter on V-Day, the writer might not be your special one, but an AI tool. ChatGPT has made so much progress that even Google has announced its own AI tool Bard and only time will tell, how it will fare in competition with ChatGPT.

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