Is Political Science A Science?

by Avijit Biswas
When we study political science in school, college, or university, one question that always comes to our minds is: Is political science a science?

A big reason this question comes to mind, again and again, is that the word ‘science’ is associated with the name of this subject (Political Science).

I have done research to find the right answer and I hope to come out of my study some reasonable points I have discussed below.

There is considerable disagreement among political scientists as to whether to consider political science as a science. Again according to a group of political scientists, it belongs to the category of science.

The Greek scholar Aristotle called it as a master science. He has given the status of science to the overall discussion about the state.

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Is Political Science A Science?
What is Science?
Political Science is a Science [3 reasons]
Political Science is Not a Science
Political Science is a Dynamic Science
Is Political Science A Science?
If we want to judge whether political science is a science or not, we have to understand the meaning of science. And accordingly, whether it can be called science is also to be judged.

What is Science?
Science is the systematic knowledge of a particular phenomenon. This knowledge is gathered through experimentation, observation, and experience. In the case of scientific analysis, the emphasis is on measurement and the establishment of accuracy.

Political Science is a Science [3 reasons]
From the above meaning of science, it can be said that With the help of scientific methods like analysis, observation, experiment, etc., political science seeks to reveal the origin of the state, its functions, the relationship between the ruler and the ruled, the behavior of the citizens, etc.
Thus the systematic knowledge, general formulas, and important political decisions made in political science can be applied in a similar manner in the future.
Modern behaviorists are of the firm opinion that the method of quantification science can be applied successfully in political science. Behavioral political scientists also tend to discuss value-neutrality by applying the methods of physical science to it. Behaviorists believe that it is possible to make the discussion of political science value-neutral by collecting and analyzing data and applying mathematics and statistics.
So it can be said that political science belongs to the category of science. Because most of the characteristics and qualities of science are present in it. If science refers to the knowledge gained through systematic observation, experience, reading, analysis, isolation of a subject, then it must be considered as science.

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Political Science is Not a Science
Maitland once said that “When I see a…set of examination questions headed by the word ‘Political Science, I regret not the questions but the title.”

So you can see one of the most popular political scientists not consider it in the field of science.

Those who refuse to call political science as science say-

Topics in political science are particularly uncertain, extensive, and complex. As a result, diagnostic research and classification of content are not easy to implement in the field of it. The content of physics can be divided into small parts but it is not possible to divide the content of political science into such small parts.
The accepted method of scientific research is obsolete in the discussion of political science. The inanimate objects of the natural sciences have the same properties in all countries and give the same results in experiments. But in human society or in the state, it is seen to be a huge difference in terms of space and time.
The nature of motion in the material world is determined and operated according to certain natural laws. But no specific rules apply to the subject matter of political science.
In political science, it is difficult to find a fixed, definite, and probable source. Because the subject matter of it changes often.

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Political Science is a Dynamic Science
The above arguments cannot be denied. Political science can never be the same as natural science. However, it must be acknowledged that there is a similarity between the past and present history of the state.

The decision made by the political scientists on the nature of the state, the system of governance, by comparative analysis and analysis of the history of the state.

Such an analysis has categorized political science into science. But a question is what kind of science it is?

The field of political science is gradually expanding and adopting more and more perspectives and methods.

Bryce rightly said that “Political Science is a Progressive Science”. So political science can be called a dynamic or progressive science.

The main purpose of it is to make a systematic review of the social and political life of the people. Political scientists derive all their material and experience from the way of life of socialized people. And it is always changing.

Let me share with you what you have learned from globalization “Is Political Science A Science? [3 Reasons]“.

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