Leverage ChatGPT To Respond To WhatsApp Automatically – Guide 2023

In this guide, we will discover: Leverage ChatGPT To Respond To WhatsApp Automatically – guide 2023

More than 2 billion users actively use WhatsApp every month sending 100Bn+ messages every day. However, not everyone likes responding to messages every time they receive one. You might have too many messages arriving at odd hours when you might not be available. Turns out ChatGPT is coming to the rescue albeit unofficially. There’s ChatGPT with WhatsApp using GitHub integration that lets you respond to WhatsApp messages automatically and in a natural conversational tone.

You can respond on WhatsApp via ChatGPT

Daniel Gross, a developer, has created a Python script that can leverage the conversational capabilities of ChatGPT and introduce it on WhatsApp. It’s an unofficial integration but once you install it, the ChatGPT lets you respond to messages on WhatsApp on your behalf.

The script leverages both the conversational capabilities of ChatGPT along with its precise information delivery to respond to users’ messages. All that’s happening in a human-like fashion ensures the recipient feels as if you are responding yourself.

If you are interested, you need to go to GitHub and download the necessary Python script from the same. Next, launch the “WhatsApp-gpt-main” file and access “server.py” which is the script. Next, you will have to set up ChatGPT on WhatsApp following some instructions available on the screen. Once the server runs, hit “Is”, press the enter button and choose the “python server.py” file from the same.

You will be asked to enter the phone number associated with your WhatsApp account on the OpenAI chat page. Next, hit the “Confirm I am a human” box to verify that you aren’t a robot. Finally, you should be able to find OpenAI ChatGPT on WhatsApp and that’s all.

Leveraging ChatGPT on WhatsApp empowers users with superpowers to use AI when chatting. It can answer a wide range of questions and with the latest information in line. Do note that it isn’t an official integration and thus, there’s no official update available regarding the same either. ChatGPT doesn’t have any app either so if you get a prompt about whether you want to download the supposed “ChatGPT App”, steer away.



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