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Content consumption and connections are changing every day. As proof, remember MSN Messenger, MySpace, or even Vine, which foreshadowed the future of TikTok-style video.

Despite this, some things remain unchanged, such as e-mail or the podcast ! Indeed, the principle of this media is the same since its beginnings. Although its means of distribution have evolved, its consumption is still done in the same way, by browsing the selection pages on Apple Podcast, Spotify or other specialized platforms.

That said, a new wind could well blow on the podcast microsome with Listen Notes  !

Find a wide selection of podcasts on Listen Notes

If more and more people are getting into podcasting , for the listener, it’s a crossroads to find their way around. Creating a podcast search engine is not a priority for large companies like Apple. That’s why Wenbin Fang, coder and avid listener of podcasts, decided to create his own: .

The latter can only be consulted via a website compatible with mobile devices. A Chrome extension is also available to search the database without opening a new tab. Last option, you can integrate Listen Notes with the platforms you already use in order to have quick access to all your favorite shows.

Thanks to this innovative tool, searching among the 3 million podcasts listed is child’s play! This search can be done according to the name of the author, the program, or the subject it addresses.

It is of course possible to find new shows by browsing the different site categories (best podcasts, popular podcasts, etc.).

Listen to podcasts for free on Listen Notes

How to listen to podcasts for free?

To listen to the podcasts , it happens directly on the site, with the possibility of downloading them , sharing them or creating an extract . If you wish, you can save a podcast in your favorites, but also add it to a list “to listen to later” to make sure you always have something to entertain you.

Finally, a social dimension is also present on Listen Notes, with the possibility of creating a free account and getting in touch with other listeners sharing the same interests.

There are hundreds of applications for listening to podcasts, but few are those where audio content is as much in the spotlight as on Listen Notes. As a bonus, it allows new listeners (and podcasters) not to find themselves drowned under the mass of programs and to create a tailor-made listening experience.

Do you know of other sites and/or applications centered on the world of podcasting? If so, do not hesitate to present them to us in the comments!

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