By- Amro Selim (Chairman of Elmoustkbal for media studies):

The media is the link between the institutions of the state and the citizens, like bridge of information to and from the community, Media is the public opinion and affects it, Therefore, achieving the sustainable development goals will not be completed without a strong and influential media movement that contributes to ” And motivation “, to realistically achieve the slogan “leaving no one behind.”

The written, Audio, and video media have an influential role in encouraging citizens to achieve 17 goals and interacting with them by introducing citizens in a transparent manner to these goals in a simple and easy way that suits the culture of each society and its economic, social condition to achieve the 2030 agenda, while ensuring public access to information and the protection of fundamental freedoms, in accordance with national and international legislation.

Community dialogue:

The economic and social objectives promoted by sustainable development may be a golden opportunity to realize the societal and popular dialogue between North and South, The economic and social tools are a common means between the media in the two regions to realize mutual interaction and encourage citizens to participate positively and inform them that their action will have a positive impact on everyone, As well as to show the impact and results of those goals on the personal level of the individual and his family in parallel with the general results.


The use of social media in an effective manner and providing them with effective solutions that stimulate participation, as well as conveying the truth in a simple and easy way to suit all societies by creating interactive shared spaces for dialogue and accountability through various media, in addition to supporting the social and Development journalism that citizens are concerned about.

Change the target

In this sense, a new approach is emerging in which the media here is the engine and the modulator of the way of thinking to act as a catalyst and supporter rather than as an observer and transfer the events only, to lead the media to a new move to achieve SDGs, especially in low-income countries suffering from economic and social crises that need to be Strong and independent media across those communities.


– Use of the media for simple and easy terms have an impact linking the general goal of the special return on citizens, especially developing communities.

– Activating the role of citizens and their involvement in dialogue and discussion, as well as censorship rather than receiving information only ..

– Provide data, statistics and information to the media provided that they are honest, transparent and real.

-Establishing local and international media partnerships to bring the dialogue out step by step from the narrow space of the wider.

-Transfer of information without increasing or minimizing it so as not to lose the participation and confidence of citizens.

 – Providing support to the independent media to be supportive and influential and encouraging citizens to interact with the goals of sustainable development.