Meta Launches Paid Blue Badge For Instagram And Facebook

In this guide, we will learn: Meta Launches Paid Blue Badge For Instagram And Facebook – guide 2023

Meta, owners of social media apps – Facebook & Instagram, has announced Meta Verified plans. It includes a blue tick next to the user’s name making it a much sought-after status symbol. Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced this new feature yesterday, which resembles Elon Musk’s Twitter Blue-Tick move.

Meta Launches Paid Blue Badge For Instagram & Facebook

What Is Meta Verified?

First Twitter and now Meta (Facebook & Instagram) have taken steps to verify their users and provide a blue tick adjacent to their profile name. The blue tick acts as a status symbol to Meta users and can be purchased for a fee.

Just a few weeks after a reverse engineer discovered its development within app coding, Meta verified its subscription. It was released a few days after Twitter unveiled a related subscription called Twitter Blue that includes a verified badge. Previously, users could get verified on Twitter and Meta platforms (Instagram and Facebook) after going through a drawn-out and confusing procedure.

When Will Meta Verified Roll Out?

When Will Meta Verified Roll Out

The Meta Verified feature is in its testing phase in Australia and New Zealand. There is no official announcement as to when this feature will be available to the rest of the world.

What Is The Cost Of The Meta Verified Subscription?

In its testing phase, the Meta Verified Subscription has been priced at USD 11.99 monthly on the Web version. The iPhone version is a bit expensive and is priced at USD 14.99 monthly.

What Are The Benefits Of The Meta Verified Subscription?

Benefits Of The Meta Verified Subscription

Users can get verified on Facebook and Instagram thanks to the Meta Verified membership, which is one of its main benefits. Users will receive a blue tick next to their names if the profile is verified, which over time has come to be seen as a status indicator. A further security element will be included in the subscription to support genuine authors in their battle against bogus accounts.

According to Meta, it wants to create a worthwhile membership for everyone, including its community, businesses, and creators. Increasing authenticity and security across all of Meta’s services is the goal of this new functionality. The benefits of Meta Verified also include greater visibility and reach, and exclusive services (stickers on stories). Additionally, it gives users easy access to customer service.

However, with its Meta Verified subscription, Meta will not restrict advertisements.

How Can Users Apply For Meta Verified Status?

Users would have to present a government ID to be confirmed on Facebook and Instagram, according to a blog post by Meta. Users that were verified using the previous approach will still have their verified badge, according to Meta.

At least in India, Instagram still allows users to verify using the previous technique. Go to Settings > Account > Request verification to request an Instagram blue badge. Within 24 hours, the platform will review the request and respond.

Your Thoughts On Meta Launches Paid Blue Badge For Instagram And Facebook

Musk’s early attempts to introduce a comparable service on the competing social media platform Twitter last year were unsuccessful due to an embarrassing influx of phony accounts that alarmed advertisers and raised concerns about the site’s viability. This new Meta Verified feature will reduce the problem of fake accounts provided the authentic users can afford to pay a fee to remain verified.

In nations where users cannot afford to pay $12 a month or in cash-based economies where they may have fewer options for sending the money to Meta, Zuckerberg’s pricing plans for Meta Verified were not immediately evident.

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