Nissan Hyper Urban concept car unveiled (2024)

Nissan unveiled a new concept car at the Japan Mobility Show, the Nissan Hyper Urban, and Nissan is planning to reveal more concept vehicles this month between now and the 25th of October.

The new Nissan Hyper Urban is a concept electric vehicle and it comes with an interesting design on both the interior and exterior, as we can see from the photos of this new concept car.

Nissan Hyper Urban

Characterized by a sleek and modern aesthetic, the vehicle’s design expresses the users’ discerning taste, making a bold statement while also effectively blending in with their environment.

Nissan Hyper Urban

The Nissan Hyper Urban would also be fully interwoven into the EV ecosystem, with its impressive V2H function providing power to the home, resulting in significant energy cost savings and reducing strain on the power grid. Thanks to its V2G capability, owners can even contribute surplus power to the grid to support their local community and earn money in the process. The Intelligent Charging Management System features AI that can autonomously charge vehicles and power buildings, providing efficient management of power.

Nissan Hyper Urban

You can find out some more information about the new Nissan Hyper Urban concept car over at Nissan at the link below, Nissan will also be unveiling more concept cars on the 10th of October, 17th of October, and 19th of October.

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