The writer: mohamed Boghdady

Job: researcher

The article title : Occupational safety and health in the application of teleworking system

    In recent years, global and local telecommuting systems have been deployed; many public and private organizations employ individuals working remotely from home or anywhere in the world via the Internet in an effort to achieve goals and reduce costs. Distance learning is one of the most recent trends adopted by many countries towards job creation in many sectors; for many individuals, especially women and special needs The spread of this trend has been supported by the rapid and rapid progress of modern technology and communication technology, and the availability of information technology, which is the infrastructure of many remote employment opportunities.

  With the start of the industrial revolution in Europe and the large number of workers moving to the cities, this led to the occurrence of accidents leading to the injury of those migrants who are not aware of the industry and its dangers, and when the incidents increased in an unprecedented manner, legislation was required to compensate employers. As the working conditions improved, injuries were reduced, resulting in the concept of industrial security on the scene and later turned to the concept of occupational safety and health in an attempt to preserve human and material resources.

The importance of the occupational safety and health system in protecting wealth from loss is also revealed by exposing the risks and causes that lead to them and taking preventive measures to prevent them from happening. And aims to create a safe environment free from risks and protect the elements of production from damage and loss. As well as protecting human elements from damage caused by work hazards and working environment conditions by eliminating the causes of risk and reducing exposure to it. With the creation of awareness among employees regarding the safe methods of work performance and the importance of adherence to safety rules, which will strengthen the system of occupational safety and health.

The occupational safety and health system in traditional work systems has a clear form and a specific role through the organizational unit that fulfills this role with agreed standards and objectives and a well-defined organizational structure that can be controlled and monitored. This system is somewhat different in form and content under the teleworking system. This is what calls for many controversies, including: How can the separation between the injury of work and what is the other under the organizations of virtual work? To what extent can the human element be maintained through the occupational safety and health system under the teleworking system? How can proper planning of the foundations of prevention in public organizations be carried out under the telecommuting system ?.

Therefore, the occupational safety and health system has a clear impact in the application of the teleworking system, and there is a question arises? Does the occupational safety and health system differ in public organizations under traditional labor systems than under teleworking systems? Many organizations are interested in the telecommuting system, not only to catch up with others, but because of the multiple positive benefits of individuals and employers. Organizations are therefore more concerned with the OSH system and are directed towards the preservation of the human element that underlies the development process. .

The aim of the  artical is to explore the occupational safety and health system under the teleworking system, and to see how well the human element can be maintained; to improve the approach to teleworking by surveying the reality of the occupational safety and health system and its role in developing this modern method, The future faced by, and what is the form of occupational safety and health system in the application of teleworking system.