Political Theory

The word  Theory originate from the Greek word ‘Theoria’ which means a well-focused mental looked taken at something in a state of contemplation with the intend to grasp or understand it. The word is used as a synonym for speculation, idea or conjectures and therefore political theory is political speculation or philosophising about political and government activities. Generally speaking, political theory may be defined as a body of knowledge related to the phenomenon of the state.

Political theory is not merely and expression of existing knowledge about politics but may also direct the way to the acquiring of new knowledge.

Political theory express itself through a treaties. Examples: Plato’s Republic, Hobbes Leviathan, Rousseau’s Social Contract etc. Political theory is also discipline base which means that a specific political theory propounded reflects the discipline of the writers attempt to explain the phenomenon of the state.

Political theory is a matter explanation of man, society and history. It raises question about political life of a man or society and suggest points for  resolution. It is also a device to change the society by trying to understand and suggest hot to remove the imperfection in society. Lastly political theory is concerned with two different types of knowledge, the first concerning with political belief-system called political ideologies and the second concerning with political philosophy which is thought about politics express either by political activities or critics and interpreters are the political process.

From the early Greek’s to about he end of the 18th century, political theory concerned itself mostly with what politics ought to be. Almost during the 19th  century and the 1st half of the 20th century, political theory largely dealt with the nature and structure of government as a decision making body. The concern of political theory today has been both the nature and proper end of government.

During the last few decades, quite a number of different issue have come to dominate the scene of political theory with the resurgence of value-based political based political theory, there is an emphasis on the issues of freedom, equality and justice. Apart from them some new issues have come to dominate the scene such as feminism environmentalism, ecology, community, issues concerning development etc. These are the issues which have been engaging the attention of political theories today.

Political theory is divided into two types: normative and empirical. The normative theory suggest the mode by which imperfect political and social order could be made offense normative theory begins by postulating or laying down certain self evidence truth or assumption from which it proceeds to the device or draw various inference or conclusion. The empirical theory is primarily concerned with things like state structure, political process etc. The argument is that political institution and political behaviors have to be described with as much scientific accuracy as possible.

There are many significance of  political theory. Political theory is most essential in making political science a discipline. The unity, maturity, predictability and scientific character of the subject is dependent on it. No subject can develop as grow without theory. Theory provides a frame work of study and a direction towards research and collection of facts and data. It is only with the help of theory that new fields can be discovered and new ideas developed which help political scientist to predict and anticipate about the happenings and the way things were likely to shape themselves in the future. A round political theory is bound to provide a satisfactory understanding of all the important political problems. Political theory is needed by the public to know about a form of government and the legitimacy of the rules political theory helps in finding out what his being to established values and what political alternatives are being developed . It helps in establishing a balance between facts happenings and human values.

By way of conclusion we may say that political theory builds a model of political order, serves as a guide to the systematic  collection and provides an  analysis of political data. It is an  elaborate and consistent exercise aiming to achieve a better world of politics.

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