SAKHRI Mohamed, founder and admin of the Algerian Encyclopedia of Political and Strategic Studies

I hold a bachelor’s degree in political science and international relations as well as a Master’s degree in international security studies, alongside a passion for web development. During my studies, I gained a strong understanding of key political concepts, theories in international relations, security and strategic studies, as well as the tools and research methods used in these fields.

I have also developed strong skills in political analysis, problem-solving, and critical thinking, enabling me to understand the issues and challenges faced by political actors and countries worldwide. Alongside my studies, I have also invested time (out of passion) and energy into learning web development. I am self-taught in this field and have gained skills in several CMS like Xenforo and WordPress. I have also developed practical experience by working on my own web development projects, where I was responsible for the design and creation of my sites, as well as their content. I have acquired an in-depth understanding of web design principles, performance optimization, and accessibility.

By combining my knowledge in political science and international relations with my web development skills, in 2014 I created the website A political encyclopedia aimed at researchers in the fields of political science, international relations, security and strategic studies, and legal studies. I was convinced that I could bring a unique and innovative perspective to today’s social and political challenges through my website.

Also, if you are interested in technology, I invite you to visit my other tech websites: Tech To Geek