A senior White House official under former US President Donald Trump has published a new book entitled “Reclaiming Trump’s America: Why We Lost the White House and How Will We Get It Back?” Navarro is one of the officials who stayed with Trump from the beginning of his presidency until the end of his first term. The book argues for the policies of the Defense Production Act, and a major architect of Trump’s trade policies, especially in confronting China, and the book argues for the need for Trump to return to power in order to restore the United States in the leadership of the world order and curb “communist China.” The book also criticized some Trump administration officials who stood in the way of his success in the elections. As well as the achievement of important external achievements. To learn more about the most prominent ideas included in the book through the following video, and you can also watch the video through the official page of “Interregional for Strategic Analytics” on the “YouTube” website through this link.