Terrorism and distortion of the image

The martyrdom operations of the Palestinian organizations, in particular that targeted non-military Israeli individuals in occupied Palestine, left a profound impact on the Israeli community, which was manifested in the increase in adverse Jewish immigration, the decrease in foreign investments and the decline in tourism rates, not to mention the recruitment of thousands of Jews to protect buses, casinos, restaurants, schools, universities, cinemas, major streets and stadiums. In addition to disrupting Israeli daily life.
The justification for these Palestinian operations is the massive imbalance in the balance of power between the Palestinian side and the Israeli side on the one hand, and the result of the nature of the Zionist presence in Palestine, which is based mainly on usurpation of land and all forms of Palestinian real estate, in addition to the complete denial of the Palestinian political entity, and the work to obscure the cultural and even anthropological heritage of Palestinian society… Therefore, Palestinian martyrdom operations were the result of all of this. If the Israeli settler stays in his country or returns to it now.. Will he be the target of martyrdom operations.. Minister Bennett and Netanyahu are not civilians in the legal sense… They are settlers who are thieves in civilian clothes only.
As for the operations that were adopted by organizations such as ISIS or similar ones, they were often directed to the same community to which the extremist group belongs (no civilian settler usurped another’s land, as in the Israeli case) or to individuals who have nothing to do with the conflict (while the Israeli civilian is part of the conflict). The European tourist in an Islamic country has nothing to do with any conflict, but the Israeli, by virtue of his presence in occupied Palestine, is a physical and moral occupation, so there is no difference between the settler, whether he is in military or civilian uniform.
But the problem is that the increase in terrorist operations outside the scope of cases of occupation and settlements has become the most prevalent picture, which led to mixing the picture of violent operations against the usurping settler and operations against the ordinary individual or even the son of the same society to which the terrorist organization belongs.. Accordingly, the Zionist media has succeeded In employing this issue by confusing:
A- Terrorism and resistance
B – Considering civilians the same everywhere, even though there is a complete difference between a civilian who is a settler and a civilian who is in transit
This confusion and distortion of the image did not take place without exploitation, and it became in Israel’s interest to expand the base of operations against innocent civilians, and this has begun to have an impact on the Palestinian organizations. , and became ready to include the private picture (violence against the settler civilian) with the general picture of violence against the innocent civilian that has nothing to do with the political conflict…which makes me appreciate that the happiest country with the ISIS model and its likes is Israel, because it relieved Israel of a heavy political, economic, social and psychological burden on Israeli society.
To clarify the picture, we give an example: When the police in any country shoots a group of drug gangs (and they are civilians by the procedural definition), is the shooting process described as terrorism? No, it is a legitimate act against the lawlessness of civilians… And when the Palestinian shoots at a civilian Israeli, he practices the same work as the police because the drug gang “violates civil law” in the state and the settler is against international law in the world…
The distortion and intensification of the image serves the Zionist propaganda against the Palestinian organizations, and the most prominent aspect of this distortion is the absence of the reality of the civilian in the terrorist situation and the reality of the civilian settler who is an occupied military, except that he wears a civilian uniform… All intelligence men in the world wear civilian clothes, so is it important that they are dressed or the truth Their mission.. the settler is a soldier in civilian clothes. In fact, many of them in Israel carry weapons and wear civilian clothes that may be from Pierre Cardin…maybe.
SAKHRI Mohamed
SAKHRI Mohamed

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