By: Amira Ahmed Herzli – Political Science and International Relations Researcher

  • Translated by the Algerian Encyclopedia of Political and Strategic Studies



Algeria and China have close ties in all fields (political, economic, cultural, military), and have been further strengthened with the spread of the new Corona pandemic “Coved 19” in the world, as the disasters and losses caused by the epidemic, especially the human/human factor, have reached its peak in many countries of the world such as China, Italy, Iran, the United States of America … The number of deaths is at record levels.

Nevertheless, China has recently achieved a marked improvement in dealing with the epidemic in terms of not registering new infections for days, and curbing its spread in other cities. So how can Algerian-Chinese cooperation succeed in combating the Corona epidemic?

In this article, we will highlight indicators of recovery in China’s health situation and its mechanisms in combating the epidemic, as well as mechanisms for Algerian-Chinese cooperation in combating the Corona epidemic and how Algeria can benefit from the Chinese experience and the future of such cooperation.

  1. The general situation in China … Signs of improvement and China’s plans to fight the epidemic

In the last week, there have been signs of improvement and recovery of corona-infected cases in China specifically and the epicenter of the epidemic, and when we say recovery indicators in China do not mean that the epidemic will end once and for all, with fears of a second wave returning, but it has gone beyond peak and danger.

In three months, China has been able to record recovery indicators, including the announcement by the World Health Organization (WHO) in mid-March that about 70 percent of the total number of people affected by the Corona epidemic has recovered, or about 80,000 people, and Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Wuhan city for the first time since the outbreak was a sign of improved conditions in the city, while the number of casualties and deaths in the final weeks of March has declined.

Meanwhile, China has closed 14 field hospitals after a decline in the number of casualties and offered to send medical teams to affected countries such as Italy, where authorities said they were no longer in need.

China has implemented many plans and strategies to reduce the spread of the epidemic and contain it, most notably the application of curfews and collective household quarantine in Hubei Province, which has left 50 million people isolated from the world, despite criticism from the Chinese authorities for slowing down their plans with a rapid spread of the epidemic, but the curfew and the house stone have contributed a lot to the blockade of the epidemic and its non-spreading.

In addition, China has built large hospitals and medical centers to receive people living with the epidemic, satellite images showed China constructing The Hoshan Shan Hospital in just 10 days, receiving the first batch of the epidemic, and 1,400 military medics from the Chinese army were transferred to run the new hospital in the same context.

In parallel, doctors in China are rushing to manufacture and develop anti-epidemic vaccines.

  1. Algerian-Chinese cooperation mechanisms in combating the Corona epidemic

Last month, Algeria evacuated 36 parishioners of its nationals, Algerians who were studying in the Chinese city of Wuhan, and other students from Tunisia and Libya… In parallel, Algeria has sent semi-pharmaceutical aid as a gift of 500,000 three-layered masks, 20,000 glasses and 300,000 gloves, and in this regard China expressed its thanks for the medical assistance, in return, Algeria considered it a sign of the historical friendship that brings the two peoples togethe[1]r.

“We asked our Chinese friends to provide us with a number of masks, gloves and test kits, and we were given a calendar to receive these items from 1 to 03 April,” President Abdel-Magied Tabon announced his request for 100 million masks and 30,000 test kits to enhance its national capacity and added it to the national stock, in addition to doctors’ protective clothing and other equipmen[2]t.

China also informed Algeria of its recent call to Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang and his Algerian counterpart Abdelaziz Jarad, where he expressed his country’s readiness to put all the requirements for protection and health protection and equipment and a team of experts and specialists in the management of health crises, in addition to China offered to establish specialized health infrastructure within the framework of the government’s program of public health development, and congratulated The Grad of China on the results china has achieved in the fight against the epidemic, and took the opportunity to thank the Chinese for all the assistance The minister also called for the invitation of President Teppo to Chinese President Xi Jinping to visit Algeria as part of the revitalization of the five-year plan 2020-202[3]4.

In addition, on March 30th, the Algerian Red Crescent received the first batch of donations from the Chinese Merchants Association consisting of garage masks and screening kits.

  1. Future of Algerian-Chinese cooperation amid efforts to combat “Corona epidemic”

The leaders of the two countries are looking forward to Sino-Algerian relations, where it is likely that they will take an upward trend towards intensifying cooperation, especially since the Chinese experience has yielded good results in the field of health and the plans for prevention and the quarantine of the house that it has applied to contain the epidemic, and on the current crisis called for bilateral and international cooperation to address the epidemic and reduce its spread, as pointed out minister advisor in the Chinese Embassy Qian Jin that there are many provinces and institutions will soon join the cooperative process and this solidarity campaign.


The Chinese-Algerian cooperation has proved once again its cohesion and strength, as the speed of the Algerian and Chinese response to each other with assistance of various kinds in the fight against the Corona epidemic confirms the depth of their relations, which falls within multiple dimensions of history, pragmatic, diplomatic and humanitarian … This makes such cooperation to be followed, especially in disasters and humanitarian health crises, away from political considerations.

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Translated by the Algerian Encyclopedia of Political and Strategic Studies