The concept of security media

The concept of security media:

The concept refers at first glance to the relationship between the media and security. The media of all kinds (read, audio, audio and visual) contribute to enhancing security knowledge. Its definitions varied due to the diversity of viewpoints of each researcher. Among the definitions provided regarding the following:

– It is “all the intended and planned media activities, and the media messages that are prepared with the aim of shedding light and introducing all the efforts and achievements of the Ministry of Interior within the framework of its comprehensive security strategy, through all the various media and communication.”

– It is “those specialized communication and media activities directed by the security services to educate citizens, residents and visitors through various media … in addition to directing them to how to positively participate in those security efforts to ensure a more secure and stable environment.” 

– Mr. Ali bin Fayez Al-Juhani defined it as: “What is issued by the security services in terms of magazines, pamphlets, programs, and all media activities aimed at achieving social awareness in order to help reinforce ethical principles and values ​​that constitute an impenetrable barrier against crime.”

– And in another definition of Al-Jehani: “All the informational and educational activities carried out by the relevant authorities with the aim of preserving the security of the individual and the group and the security of the homeland and its gains in light of the respected purposes and interests.” 

– While Major General Raouf Al-Manawi defined it as “the various studied media messages issued by the relevant agencies of the Ministry of Interior, with the aim of directing public opinion towards achieving aspects of the comprehensive security plan by using all available means to bring about the desired change in the masses of all groups …”.

From the previous definitions, it can be concluded that the security media is a purposeful media, based on the method of awareness and spreading the culture of security responsibility among individuals, which leads to a joint contribution to maintaining security.

It must be noted that security as a concept includes various dimensions (comprehensive security), including: national, health, environmental and social security. However, when talking about security media, the focus is on combating crime and delinquency. 

One of the characteristics of the security media is that it is a specialized media that is based on the security content of the message, and it is also linked to state policy, which makes it described as legitimate. He is characterized by honesty, honesty and reliance on the language of the target audience, in order for the content of the message to reach him. 

The emergence of security media:

Despite the existence of studies that dealt with the relationship between the media and security, there are not many studies that dealt with the issue of security media, which made the term in itself ambiguous to some scholars. Some say that the concept of security media appeared at the end of the twentieth century, in conjunction with the technical development in the media, and it refers to a field of specialized media. With the profound development of life and societies, the traditional mass media is no longer capable of keeping pace with the corresponding development in the concept of security and its requirements, which has necessitated the emergence of a new field of security media. The emergence of the new media helped in the flexible and easy circulation of information and news through the Internet, which benefited the security media field.

Specialized studies mention that security media is Arab in terms of its inception, and researcher Ali bin Fayez Al-Juhani is the first to introduce the term, and his masters dissertation in 1980 is among the first literature in the Arab context that introduced the term security media. This after the terms used at that time were public relations, public affairs, management of moral guidance, and others, which are less comprehensive terms, as Al-Juhani mentions.

Naif Arab University for Security Sciences has worked to pay attention to the issue of security media, and for this purpose it has held many seminars and conferences, in addition to the Arab Office for Security Information (based in Egypt), which in turn paid attention to the topic, which enhanced knowledge of this field in the Arab world on the one hand, and made the media The security services are closely linked to the efforts of the police. 

The role of security media:

The traditional function of the media is to provide information, and it has become clear that the security media has an important role for states and societies, especially in light of the technical and informational development that has been enhanced by a huge amount of satellite channels and the technology of live broadcasting, in addition to the role that the various social networks are playing in Communicating information, transmitting image and sound.

Mr. Ali bin Fayez Al-Juhani says: “Security media is a newly established term with a security connotation, linked to the policies and strategies of any country, and contributes to the service of the security decision, and stems from the intellectual and cultural stock of the state and its civilizational legacy.”

Through the security media, the activities of the security services can be defined, by presenting the services they provide and the activities they practice, in addition to the possibility of exploring the opinions of citizens regarding these services, which allows for their continuous development. 

The security media plays an important role in educating members of society about the seriousness of various crimes, which contributes to developing a sense of security regarding patterns of crimes, including new ones. In addition to its preventive role by working to send messages that include affirming and consolidating positive values ​​in societies, which strengthens the spirit of solidarity among members of society in the field of crime prevention.

In addition to this, a group of roles that the security media play, namely:

Highlighting community issues, and alerting to the need to address negative phenomena such as drugs and traffic accidents.

The formation of the individual’s behaviors, as it may play the role of the ideological factor through its influence on social relations, and in individuals’ relations with the state.

– Overcoming the gap between ordinary knowledge and security knowledge, which was the preserve of specialists. 

Contribute to building national security by enhancing interaction with the various challenges facing the state and society together.

Al-Juhani asserts that the effectiveness of the security media is linked to three elements:

Effectiveness at the level of security sector personnel themselves.

– Effectiveness at the level of the target audience and establishing their security awareness.

Effectiveness at the level of the media message, in which the factor of simplicity and the ability to persuade and attract the recipient is required.

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