The usage of depleted Uranium Weapon in the International Law

By  Aqila Hadi Issa, Senior Lecturer. Harlida Abdul Wahab, Senior Lecturer. Nor Anita Abdullah


There is no international convention that explicitly bans the use of depleted uranium weapon in spite of its characteristics of causing mass destruction. Therefore, the legality of the use of this weapon should be clarified in the light of the rules of international law. If the weapon is proved to be illegal, the traditional charges of international criminal responsibility should be brought against the users. This will then lead to the discontinuance of such weapons. This study will be conducted through doctrinal approach; data will be collected through secondary sources by examining the contribution of scholars in the field of law. The current research will try to clarify the position of international law of the use of depleted uranium weapon. Hence, this research has considerable significance for the international community to undertake actions regarding the use of depleted uranium weapon in wars to provide legal protection for humans and the environment as well as to maintain international peace and security.

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SAKHRI Mohamed
SAKHRI Mohamed

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