TJD T101: A Promising Challenger in the Handheld Gaming Console Market

Handheld gaming consoles are on the rise. And even though the landscape is largely dominated by some popular names, new brands are beginning to emerge with promising devices.

TJD is one such player, which has recently unveiled a new handheld gaming console, TJD T101, with the aim to revolutionize the gaming landscape.

Let’s see what the TJD101 has to offer and what makes it an appealing choice in the handheld gaming space.


Design-wise, the TJD T101 looks a little different than most handheld gaming consoles in the market, thanks to its rather unique design approach. It measures 343 x 155 x 19.9mm and weighs 1080g.

The THD T101 is basically a tablet with gamepads/controls on both sides. The controls are designed with ergonomics and usability in mind, and the company uses Hall-sensing joysticks and Hall triggers to ensure good performance and durability.

Speaking of which, the company says they’re super linear joysticks with no dead zones, allowing you to perform complicated maneuvers in games effortlessly. The pressure-sensitive L3/R3 inputs are also designed for precise control and a better feel.

Cooling Mechanism

tjd t101 cooling mechanism

Another noticeable aspect of the TJD T101’s design is the large turbofan on the bottom. The fan is coupled with two copper pipes that, along with the turbofan, provide a quick air output to keep the unit cool so you can play for hours.

Light Effects

What also adds flair to the design of the TJD T101 is the lighting effect. At each end of the controller area, the console has an LED bar on the top (front) and one on the side. These lights support different modes and effects, such as breathing, gradient, and continuous light, that allow you to customize your console to your mood or ambiance.


TJD T101: A Promising Challenger in the Handheld Gaming Console Market

Talking about the screen, the TJD T101 flaunts a massive 10.1-inch FHD display. It’s a pretty huge display with regard to handheld gaming consoles, which gives it an edge over some of the popular offerings from major brands.

Specs-wise, this display offers a screen resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels, 500 nits of peak brightness, and a pixel density of 224PPI. The display also supports 130% of the sRGB color gamut. All in all, it’s said to deliver vivid and crisp visuals and bring the details in the games to life to give you an immersive gaming experience.


tjd t101 cpu

At its core, the TJD T101 runs on AMD Ryzen chipsets. You get two options of processors with the console: Ryzen 5 7640U and Ryzen 7 7840U. Both of these are ultra-thin processors based on the Zen 4 (Phoenix) architecture and promise to handle gaming challenges with ease. Built on the 4nm process, these processors come with up to 8 cores and 16 threads and have a maximum clock speed of 5.1GHz.

Graphics duties on the TJD T101 are handled by AMD Radeon 760M and AMD Radeon 780M GPUs. Both GPUs are based on the RDNA 3.0 architecture and clocked at 2700MHz. For times when you feel the internal GPU isn’t capable enough, the TJD T101 gives you the option to extend the graphics capabilities using a portable eGPU. This GPU has a built-in power supply of 240W, which allows it to handle many graphics-intensive games easily. You can plug the GPU into the console’s USB4 interface.

RAM and Storage

When it comes to RAM and storage, the TJD T101 gives you two options. You can either opt for 16GB of RAM and 1TB of storage or 32GB of RAM and 2TB of storage. TJD uses an LPDDR5x RAM and M.2 SSD storage on its latest console.

Battery and Charging

To power up the internals, the TJD T101 packs a 60Wh battery. The company says this battery can last 2-3 hours with large-scale gaming (AAA titles) and 5 hours with indie titles. And, when idle, it can easily last up to 8 hours on a single charge.

When the battery dies, the 100W Rapid Charging mechanism on the TJD T101 comes in handy. It plugs into either USB Type-C ports on the console and promises to replenish the battery quickly, so you can resume gaming and continue where you left off.


tjd t101 i/o

On the connectivity front, the TJD T101 boasts a range of interfaces. It features two USB4 (Type-C) ports and one USB 3.2 Gen2 (Type-A) port on the top edge of the console. Move to the bottom, and you’ll find a 3.5mm audio jack along with a microSD card slot.

The TJD T101 also includes support for fast wireless connectivity. As such, you get Wi-Fi 6E connectivity for high-speed data transfers and low latency and Bluetooth 5.2 (with BLE transmission) for better and more reliable connections with less power consumption and lag.


tjd t101 dual stereo speakers

As for the rest of the stuff, the TJD T101 includes fingerprint authentication for security. It’s integrated into the power button, located at the top of the console, and elevates your security to ensure only you can access your console.

Another significant feature of the console is the dual-vibration motor. It’s activated whenever there’s an explosion, crash, or impact in a game to help you feel it and give you a more lifelike and immersive gaming experience.

The TJD T101 features two stereo speakers to enhance this experience. The system includes two speakers on each side of the controller. Together, they deliver 2W of power, which the company says envelops you in the scene and gives you a better feeling as you move through the virtual realms.


TJD T101 is available in four colors: Yellow, Green, White, and Black.

Impressed Already? You Can Pre-Order Your TJD T101 Now

tjd t101 handheld gaming console

TJD is running a crowdfunding campaign for its all-new TJD T101 gaming console. You can check out the campaign to learn more about the product on the Indiegogo website and make a contribution if you wish.

The console is priced at $599 for the Ryzen 5 7640U + 16GB + 1TB variant and $949 for the Ryzen 7 7840U + 32GB + 2TB variant. If you’re impressed with the device’s offerings, you can pre-order one for yourself from the Indiegogo website. TJD is said to begin deliveries of its first batch of devices starting this November.

Pre-Order TJD T101 on Indiegogo

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