Top 15 Online Poki Games to Play

Online gaming has become incredibly popular over the past decade. With high-speed internet access becoming more widespread, people around the world can now easily access a huge variety of games online. Poki is one of the top online gaming platforms, offering a massive library of over 50,000 free games across multiple genres. From action to puzzle to RPGs, Poki has something for everyone.

In this article, we will highlight the top 15 Poki games that you absolutely need to try out. These games are highly rated for their gameplay, graphics, and overall fun factor. Whether you’re looking for a quick casual game or an immersive gaming experience, these Poki titles will provide hours of entertainment.

1. Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is one of the most popular and classic mobile games now available to play online through Poki. This endless runner game was originally released in 2012 by Kiloo and has been downloaded over 2 billion times across platforms.

The goal is simple – run along the subway tracks and dodge obstacles to collect coins and power-ups while avoiding getting caught by the inspector and his dog. You’ll sprint across trains, treetops, tunnels, and more while pulling off slick moves like jumps, rolls, and hovers with your hoverboard.

With colorful and fluid animations along with an upbeat soundtrack, Subway Surfers offers seamless and addictive gameplay. There are also special events and challenges that keep the experience fresh. If you loved Temple Run, you’ll definitely enjoy Subway Surfers on Poki as well.

Play Subway Surfers on Poki here.

2. 1v1.LOL

1v1.LOL is a massively popular online multiplayer battle game on Poki. The goal is to defeat your opponent by reducing their HP to zero first in a 1v1 duel. You can choose from over 30 unique characters, each with their own abilities and powers.

The gameplay itself is skill-based and fast-paced, emphasized by the top-down perspective. You’ll need to move and dodge quickly while timing your attacks and abilities just right. With customizable loadouts, skinned weapons, and ranked matches, 1v1.LOL provides tremendous replay value too.

For a competitive and adrenaline-fueled battle experience with friends or other players worldwide, 1v1.LOL is one of the best choices available on Poki today.

Play 1v1.LOL on Poki here.

3. Minecraft Classic

Minecraft took the world by storm when it first launched, popularizing the sandbox/survival genre. Minecraft Classic offers a browser-based version of the original Minecraft creative mode, allowing you to build freely without constraints.

The core gameplay loop involves placing and breaking different types of blocks in a 3D procedurally generated world. You can build elaborate structures and creations limited only by your imagination. With different block types like bricks, woods, stones, and more, the possibilities are truly endless.

Minecraft Classic features all the charming retro pixelated visuals that make Minecraft instantly recognizable. The quick pick-up-and-play factor along with the calming gameplay makes Minecraft Classic on Poki an ideal way to take a relaxing break.

Play Minecraft Classic on Poki here.

4. Poppy Playtime

Poppy Playtime is a survival horror puzzle game that has grown hugely popular over the last year. And now you can play Poppy Playtime online through Poki as well. With stunning graphics and an unsettling atmosphere, Poppy Playtime is sure to get your heart racing.

You play as an employee returning to an abandoned toy factory ten years after all the staff mysteriously vanished. You’ll need to uncover clues and solve clever puzzles to survive against the killer animatronic toys lurking in the shadows.

With limited resources and the need to evade the terrifying Poppy doll at all costs, you’ll be at the edge of your seat throughout. Poppy Playtime also features a gripping story conveyed through notes, audio tapes, and more. If you’re a fan of scary games and thrillers, Poppy Playtime is a must-play.

Play Poppy Playtime on Poki here.

5. is a massively viral hit that helped popularize the battle royale genre. The premise is simple yet highly addictive. You control a snake that grows longer the more glowing pellets you eat. But you need to avoid running into other snakes or yourself!

The battles are real-time and relentless as a hundred players on the map fight to grow the biggest. With fun skins to unlock and quick 2-10 minute rounds, it’s easy to get sucked into for hours. The default controls using your mouse and right click also make it accessible.

Whether you want to play solo or with friends, offers easy pick-up-and-play fun for everyone that helped kickstart the .io gaming revolution.

Play on Poki here.

6. Basket Random

Basket Random is an online multiplayer basketball game on Poki that’s easy to learn but tough to master. You can compete 1v1 or team up in 2v2 matches with basketball physics that feel realistic.

The controls only involve your mouse for aiming, shooting, passing, and stealing. But you’ll still need skill and precision to outshoot your opponent. With a choice of different fun balls with unique abilities, you can develop your own playstyle.

Basket Random really shines when playing with friends. The quick game duration keeps matches intense while still being great as a casual party game. If you’re a fan of basketball, make sure to check out Basket Random on Poki.

Play Basket Random on Poki here.

7. Uno Online

UNO is a classic card game almost everyone has played that’s now available online for free on Poki. The rules are simple – match cards by number or color and finish your hand before your opponents. Special cards add fun twists like skipping turns, swapping hands, or wild cards.

The online version recreates the Uno experience perfectly. You can play locally with friends in the same room or join an online matchmaking lobby instantly. Customizable avatars, themes, card backs, and more help you express your style.

For a relaxed yet still competitive card game experience, it’s hard to beat Uno Online on Poki. It’s familiar gameplay also makes it accessible for players of all ages to jump in.

Play Uno Online on Poki here.

8. Rocket League Sideswipe

Rocket League took the world by storm with its unique blend of soccer with vehicles. Rocket League Sideswipe adapts this incredibly fun concept for mobile and online play on Poki.

You still use rocket-powered cars to hit a giant ball into your opponent’s goal. But now the gameplay is simplified with intuitive touch or mouse controls and a 2D perspective. Performing slick maneuvers, shots, and saves are still key to competitive 1v1 and 2v2 matches.

With Radical Summer events, car customizations, ranked matches, and more, Rocket League Sideswipe contains loads of content. If you need a quick adrenaline-pumping soccer fix, Rocket League Sideswipe is a must-play.

Play Rocket League Sideswipe on Poki here.

9. Basketball Stars

Poki offers many great sports titles, but Basketball Stars stands out as one of the best. This online basketball game lets you step onto the court 1v1 or in 3v3 matches with controls simplified for online play.

You can perform different types of shots, dribbles, and moves using a combination of mouse aiming and keyboard controls. Timing and accuracy are still key to outplay your opponent. Unlock crazy power-up abilities like fireballs as well for over-the-top basketball action.

For a truly competitive and arcade basketball experience, Basketball Stars cannot be missed. The easy to pick up but hard to master gameplay also appeals to casual and hardcore fans alike.

Play Basketball Stars on Poki here.

10. Krunker

Krunker is one of the most graphically advanced online shooter games available today on Poki. It features gorgeous voxel art visuals that really make the action pop.

In Krunker, you have a choice of several character classes such as the Triggerman, Hunter, Run N’ Gun, and more. Each has their own unique weapons and abilities catered to different playstyles. The movement is also fluid and fast-paced, allowing for advanced movement techniques like rocket jumps.

The multiplayer component has team modes, free-for-all, customizable servers, and more. Whether you’re a casual player or serious FPS pro, Krunker offers many hours of dynamic shooter action.

Play Krunker on Poki here.

11. Snail Bob

The Snail Bob series has become wildly popular for its creative physics puzzles and adorable character. Snail Bob 7: Fantasy Story is the latest entry available on Poki continuing the fun puzzle-platforming gameplay.

In this adventure, Snail Bob explores a magical medieval world across 50 creative levels. You’ll need to use snail slime, bubbles, balloons, and more to traverse the clever obstacles. The hints system makes it family-friendly while still providing a challenge.

With cute animations, fun power-ups, and an uplifting soundtrack, Snail Bob is a relaxing break from intense competitive games. Solving each physics puzzle step-by-step also feels intellectually rewarding.

Play Snail Bob 7 on Poki here.

12. Bowman 2

Bowman 2 brings intuitive archery controls and physics to your browser for free on Poki. As a medieval archer, you must aim and shoot arrows to hit targets and defeat other archers in the arena.

The mouse controls make leading shots, adjusting power, and firing arrows fluid and intuitive. You’ll need mastery over the physics and wind speed to excel. The 31 levels feature fun challenges like defending a castle, destroying structures, or eliminating enemies.

For a casual medieval warfare experience, Bowman 2 has easy to pick up gameplay while still requiring skill. Compete on the leaderboards or play cooperatively with a friend for added fun.

Play Bowman 2 on Poki here.

13. Headquarters

HQ Trivia rocketed to popularity with its live trivia gameshows offering real cash prizes. Poki offers its own take with the game Headquarters, offering live trivia gameshows every 5 minutes for free.

The 12 multiple choice questions cover topics ranging from pop culture and history to science and gaming. You’ll get 10 seconds to select your answer. Earn points for correct answers and compete on the leaderboard for every game.

The live comment section and chat add to the social experience. For a fun and quick trivia gameshow experience, play Headquarters on Poki.

Play Headquarters on Poki here.

14. Shell Shockers

Shell Shockers gives a unique twist to online multiplayer shooters with weapons based on eggs and other poultry products. Choose your class like Soldier, Sniper, Medic, and more with their own silly egg-themed weapons and abilities.

The top-down gameplay has a lighthearted vibe combined with intense shootouts and battles. The destructible voxel environments also enable creative strategies and sneaky shortcuts.

With fun custom skins and gear, special events and gamemodes, Shell Shockers is sure to offer hours of over-the-top arena shooter action. Gather your friends or test your skills solo in this frantic and humorous multiplayer game.

Play Shell Shockers on Poki here.

15. Speed Racing Pro 2

Rounding off our list is Speed Racing Pro 2, an online 3D stunt racing game packed with high-octane action. Choose from tons of sleek high-performance cars to test your skill.

The racing gameplay feels smooth as you drift and swerve through challenging tracks. Pull off slick maneuvers as you narrowly avoid collisions at breakneck speeds. Improve your driving skills steadily to set new lap records and climb the leaderboards.

With responsive controls and thrilling simulation, Speed Racing Pro 2 is a must-try for racing fans. It captures the adrenaline and style of real stunt driving minus the danger. The variety of unlockable cars and customization options enhances the experience.

Play Speed Racing Pro 2 on Poki here.


Poki offers an unparalleled selection of high-quality online games across every major genre you can play straight from your browser. Their collection of over 50,000 HTML5 titles ensures you’ll never run out of options.

We’ve highlighted the top 15 must-play games on Poki guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment. These run the gamut from casual relaxing titles like Snail Bob to hyper-competitive games like 1v1.LOL. Action, sports, puzzles, and more – Poki has something for all tastes.

The convenience of playing directly in-browser with no downloads also makes it easy to access these games from school, work, or home. Poki’s focus on curating high-quality games shines through in these 15 hand-picked recommendations. Give them a try today for the best browser gaming experience.


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