Top 10 Redmi Watch 3 Active Features to Try

Xiaomi’s latest smartwatch, the Redmi Watch 3 Active, comes packed with a number of features, many of which are rarely found in devices at its price point of Rs.2,999. But while many of these features are very evident up front, some lie hidden in settings and menus. Some others that are advertised are actually not activated by default.

So, if you have got your hands on a Redmi Watch 3 Active (congratulations, it is super value for money), here are 10 features that you should be using:

Raise your hand, wake up your watch

The Redmi Watch 3 Active does not have an AMOLED display. That means it cannot have an always-on display. But you can still see the time whenever you look at your watch by activating the ‘Raise to wake’ option. This turns the display on whenever you move your wrist to see the watch.

Activating it is easy. Swipe up from the base of the watch and choose the icon on the top right corner, which looks like a wrist with a watch on it. If you want to be more elaborate, hit the button on the right of the watch, head to Settings, choose Display, and switch on ‘Raise to wake.’ You can also choose how long you want the feature to be active and can keep it on all day if you wish. The feature actually works very well on the watch but is turned off by default for some odd reason.

To wake up the display, tap twice!

double tap to wake

The Redmi Watch 3 Active’s display switches off (‘sleeps’) and locks after a while – five seconds is the default setting, although you can increase this to five minutes. On such occasions, you have no choice but to move your wrist to wake up the display (if you have ‘raise to wake’ enabled) or press the button on the side. A simpler solution is to tap the display twice to wake it up. Just go to Settings on your watch, select Display, scroll down, and switch on the ‘Double tap to wake’ option. And while you are there, you can also switch on ‘Cover to sleep’, which switches off the display whenever you cover it.

Get your best watch face on

redmi watch 3 active watch faces

One of the joys of owning a smartwatch is the fact that you can change its appearance simply by switching its watchface. There are dozens of watch faces available for the Redmi Watch 3 Active as well, ranging from the elegant to the exotic to the eccentric. Getting them is easy. Just open the Mi Fitness app on your phone, go to the Device tab at the base of the screen, and choose ‘Manage watch faces.’ Once there, select the watch face you want and tap on Apply to send it to your watch.

To unlock the phone, use watch

unlock phone with watch

You can use the Redmi Watch 3 Active to unlock your phone. There’s no need to place your finger on the fingerprint scanner; all you need to do is bring the phone near your watch. To activate this feature, open the Mi Fitness app on your phone and then choose the Device tab. Scroll down until you find the Security section, under which you will see the ‘Unlock phone’ option. You will have to enter the phone’s unlock code and specify the range in which the watch can unlock the phone – We would advise going for ‘Very close’ as you do not want your watch unlocking your phone when you are a few feet from it!

Get the widgets you want


There are no third-party apps for the Redmi Watch 3 Active, but you do get a lot of widgets that pull information from different sources and serve them up on your watch. Although the watch comes preloaded with some widgets, you can control the kind of widgets you want and their arrangement on the watch. Head to your phone, open the Mi Fitness app, and choose the Device tab. Then scroll down to the System section, choose Widgets, and choose the layout and kind of widgets you would like.

Put a password on your watch

set password

Want to make sure no one else uses your Redmi Watch 3 Active? Simply put a password on it, and the watch will be locked whenever you take it off your wrist and can be used by only those who know the password. What’s more, it won’t need a password when it is on your wrist, except when you first put it on. Activating this feature requires you to open the Mi Fitness app, choose the Device tab, and then head to the security section. There, choose ‘Set password.’ Set a pin for your watch, and your watch now has an added level of security!

Activate all-day blood oxygen (Sp02) monitoring and alerts

blood oxygen monitoring

The Redmi Watch 3 Active comes with blood oxygen monitoring, but it is not switched on to track your blood oxygen levels throughout the day. What’s more, even the option to alert you when your blood oxygen dips is not switched on by default. We would recommend turning both options on. To do so, head to the Mi Fitness app and choose the Device tab. Head to the Health monitoring section and select ‘Blood oxygen.’ Once there, select ‘All-day tracking’ and also switch on ‘Blood oxygen alert’ (you can choose to get alerts when the level is at 80, 85, or 90 percent).

Heart rate too high? Too low? Make the watch tell you!

heart rate monitoring

It is rare to see high and low heart rate alerts on budget smartwatches. The Redmi Watch 3 Active has them, but they are turned off by default. To turn these alerts on, head to the Mi Fitness app on your phone and select the Device tab. When done, go to the Health monitoring section and choose ‘Heart rate.’ You will now get the option to choose the heart rate levels at which the watch will alert you.

Put your contacts on your watch (and specify an emergency contact)

fav contacts

The Redmi Watch 3 Active handles phone calls too. To make calling easier, you can even keep 10 of your favorite contacts on your watch so that calling them is as simple as tapping their names instead of having to dial numbers on that teeny tiny number pad on the watch. To get your favorite contacts on your watch, first open the Mi Fitness app on your phone and choose the Device tab. Then head to the Apps section and choose ‘Favorite contacts.’ Enter the contact names and numbers, and they will appear on your watch (they get synced automatically). You can also specify a contact as an emergency contact, who will be called every time you press the watch’s button three times. Follow the same steps, but instead of going to the Apps section, go to Security and select Emergency SOS.

Take sleep monitoring to advanced mode and get a breathing score

sleep monitoring

The Redmi Watch 3 Active comes with sleep tracking, but you can take it to another level by switching on advanced sleep tracking, which monitors your heart rate and REM sleep. You can also track your breathing at night and get a breathing score, although this feature is in beta right now. If you are the type that likes lots of fitness and health data, we would advise switching to this feature, which is again done through the Mi Fitness app on the phone. Once again, just head to the Device tab and scroll to Health monitoring. Select Sleep, and you will get options for both Advanced monitoring as well as Breathing score!


Activating these features or tweaking these settings might see you getting warnings that doing so will affect battery life. We honestly think it is worth it, as the Redmi Watch 3 Active gets you through 5-6 days on a full charge in any case. All these tips are given with reference to an Android phone. Most of them will work fine with an iPhone, too.

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