Top 25 Ideogram AI Prompts for Creative Content

What to know

  • Ideogram is a generative AI tool that lets you create images and art with prompts.
  • Ideogram’s advanced diffusion models and the ability to add typographical content sets it apart from the rest.
  • Sign up on Ideogram.AI to start creating your very own AI images today.

The generative AI space is proliferating with startups. New players are emerging every day in the AI image generator market, many of which are well worth the hype, like Ideogram AI, not least because they offer advanced diffusion models that can turn your prompts into stunning AI-generated images.

In this guide, we explore some of the best Ideogram AI prompts that others have used to generate images, so you can learn to implement them in your own prompts.

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What is Ideogram.AI?

Ideogram.AI is a relatively new AI generative platform where users can create realistic and consistent images with nothing but a few lines of text. But to take advantage of its diffusion models, one has to set up an account first and type up prompts to use its AI generative prowess.

What sets Ideogram apart from its rivals is its ability to generate images with typography, meaning you can give it text to show in its images, which can come in handy when designing posters, quotes, book cover art, etc.

But Ideogram can be used for so much more, including concept art, cyberpunk-like scenes, hyper-realistic 3D rendered images, and yes, even human forms.

25 Best Ideogram prompts

Here are a few images generated on Ideogram and the prompts used to generate them.

Prompt 1

Liminal photo of the atacama desert. black and white photography. ilford delta 3200., cinematic, wildlife photography

Credit: ylucic/Ideogram

Prompt 2

Movie poster for Aliens with text LIVE LAUGH LOVE in capital letters at the bottom made of liquid metal, digital illustration, in style of moebius and synthwave, typography, cinematic

Credit: TeemTT/Ideogram

Prompt 3

“Splash Art, A Liquid Portrait Of A ((spanish water dog)) Made Of Colours, Muscles And Movement, Charging, Splash Style Of Colourful Paint, Hyperdetailed Intricately Detailed, Fantastical, Intricate Detail, Splash Screen, Complementary Colours, Liquid, Gooey, Slime, Splashy, Fantasy, Concept Art, 8k Resolution, Masterpiece, Melting, Complex Background, Intricate Detailed, Bright Colors, Fantasy, Concept Art, Digital Art, Intricate, Oil On Canvas, Masterpiece, Expert, Insanely Detailed, 4k Resolution, Fairy Tale Illustration, Dramatic”, 3d render, painting

Credit: txarkyto/Ideogram

Prompt 4

Minimalist professional cat brooch, hiding an abstract musical note, Abstract conceptual art, 3d render, typography

Credit: Yois/Ideogram

Prompt 5

Precision-captured DSLR ultra detailed photo of a mysterious black hooded hacker, with a totally replacing his entire face with long glitchy cascading pixel sorting binary code that extend vertically falling, with the neon blue background that also has binary code streaming down it, cinematic, portrait photography, vibrant

Credit: deus/Ideogram

Prompt 6

Pretty young face Sleeping pocahontas gown, black straight long hair, sleeping in bed tantra relax yoni sacred massage feminine delicate, brown indian one shoulder dress, 4k, in forest castle, sephia tone photo, with a lot of brownflowers on the bed, high face detailed, blue necklace, portrait photography, illustration, typography, conceptual art, cinematic, painting, product

Credit: etheldred4/Ideogram

Prompt 7

A skull with flowers and trees, stain splashes, dark background, detailed trees and leaves, typography, conceptual art, poster, architecture, 3d render

Credit: McCall/Ideogram

Prompt 8

Everything is made out of crochet, neighbourhood suburbs, cinematic, miniature

Credit: romeu/Ideogram

Prompt 9

Back view of a guy with short curly hair with jeans and a white t-shirt sitting cross legged and meditating in his living room in front of a mirror that contains the entire universe and is shining emanating rays of gold light., cinematic, photo, vibrant, poster

Credit: sadhbolu/Ideogram

Prompt 10

Humpback whale with wings, vibrant, 3d render, conceptual art

Credit: verusklay/Ideogram

Prompt 11

Diego Pablo Simeone as Peaky Blinder, atletico de madrid fans in the background, epic, dark, badass, epic stadium in background, red and white colours, illustration, poster, cinematic

Credit: adrianvegass/Ideogram

Prompt 12

A dark vibrant Fibonacci spiral made of tessellating green translucent pixels forming beautiful face of artificial intelligence, mesmerizing and fascinating, surreal, abstract, psychedelic, intense interplay of light and shadows, in the style of android jones, grzegorz domaradzki and alena aenami, 8k —ar 9:16 —v 5.2 —s 250, Broken Glass effect, no background, stunning, something that even doesn’t exist, mythical being, energy, molecular, textures, iridescent and luminescent scales, breathtaking beauty, pure perfection, divine presence, unforgettable, impressive, breathtaking beauty, Volumetric light, auras, rays, vivid colors reflects

Credit: anjuna/Ideogram

Prompt 13

Gustave dore style art, skull faced beast, highly detailed, 8k, engraving style art, engraved, monochrome, epic, sunshine, mist, mysterious, dark art

Credit: moongate/Ideogram

Prompt 14

Gothic, children’s book, scary stories style, subdued colors, fun, cute, horror, Burton, Poe, creepy, dead, realistic, pale, detailed, accurate, upside down, strange, haunted, UHD, 4k, monster child listening to headphones, content

Credit: AnonymousRex/Ideogram

Prompt 15

A samurai preparing to fight with a katana against a horde of zombies in a small destroyed feudal village at sunset

Credit: adt98/Ideogram

Prompt 16

Leaning tower of pizza

Credit: anjuna/Ideogram

Prompt 17

A beautiful girl with knee-length red hair, making the big split, full body, ultra-realistic, photo, fashion, cinematic

Credit: 1000i100/Ideogram

Prompt 18

Cinematic, grainy analog photo of a burning volvo 240 in the forest, night winter

Credit: Broren/Ideogram

Prompt 19

Photorealistic, detailed, insect-like alien with a long neck, black eyes, staring into camera, photo

Credit: syncratic/Ideogram

Prompt 20

A building made of earth, fire, water and air, photo, cinematic

Credit: tomermoshe/Ideogram

Prompt 21

Pope Francisco praying on the top of a snow mountain and everything is burning down there.. the sky is cold and there´s a strong rain

Credit: charliecastdz/Ideogram

Prompt 22

Rays of light are individually visible coming in from a small window into a beautiful dark room, cinematic, 3d render

Credit: mohammad7t/Ideogram

Prompt 23

1000 level modern steam punk futuristic castle, clear transparent glass, on cloud, professional photorealistic, fov 90, rtx illuminated, volumetric light, 4k, full detailing, more definition, sharp edges, night ilumination, text “IdeArquitectura”

Credit: Bastionx10/Ideogram

Prompt 24

Tarot card style, baroque, intricate details, image of teen hunched over small laptop, text reads: “The Nerd”

Credit: Monky/Ideogram

Prompt 25

Production movie frame still of a music video directed by Jodorowsky. ASA 50. hasselblad. detailed. leica. photoreal. kodak portra. film look. Jodorowsky style., cinematic

Credit: ylucic/Ideogram

A few tips to improve your prompts

As you can see from the prompts and their resultant images, the text you enter in the prompt field can vary widely. Some prompts are short, others long; some detailed, others simple, some use references (and even parent images) while others don’t. It all ultimately depends on what you want to see and what the model can understand. Similarly, there are a few dos and don’ts for prompts that you may benefit from generating your own images.

Firstly, use simple keywords that the AI can understand. Do not try to complicate your prompt or the AI won’t be able to parse them.

Secondly, use as many adjectives as you can to describe the image to the AI. This can include words that focus on the style, the subject, the overall atmosphere, tone, composition, etc. Try not to use words that contradict each other for the same image, such as ‘dark’ and ‘light’ or ‘conceptual’ and ‘realistic’, unless you’re focusing on specific disparate elements within the image itself.

Edit your prompts to mold and shape the image accordingly. You’re not tied to the first image that the AI generates. So play around with the prompts until you get the image you desire.

Lastly, include as many details as you can to make your images interesting. This can include things such as the shape, colors, size, contours, and textures of the different aspects of the image.

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