Top 30 Powerful Armies in the World: Russia’s Close Race with the USA, France Ranks 9th

Global Firepower recently revealed its annual ranking of the most powerful nations based on military power. The report utilizes a country’s PowerIndex (“PwrIndx”) score, which is calculated from over 60 factors including armament, defense budget, natural resources, land, air and naval forces, logistics capacity, and geography. The United States retains the top position in this ranking, with Russia and China closely behind in second and third place respectively. India, the UK, and South Korea occupy the fourth, fifth, and sixth places respectively.

The ranking continues with Pakistan, Japan, France, and Italy completing the top 10. Interestingly, France has dropped two places compared to the previous year, while Italy has gained one place to enter the top 10. Outside of the top 10, Turkey ranks eleventh, followed by Brazil, Indonesia, Egypt, and Ukraine. Australia is ranked as the 16th most powerful country, followed by Iran, Israel, Vietnam, and Poland.

Among the top 30 most powerful nations in 2023, we also find Spain, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Thailand, Germany, Algeria, Canada, Argentina, Singapore, and Greece. It is important to note that the ranking does not necessarily mean that the nations at the bottom of the list are less powerful than those at the top. Factors such as a country’s size and wealth can influence their PowerIndex score. This report highlights the continued dominance of the United States, Russia, and China in terms of military power. Other nations are striving to strengthen their armed forces to remain competitive on the international stage.

List of the 30 most militarily powerful countries:

  1. United States – Power Index: 0.0712
  2. Russia – Power Index: 0.0714
  3. China – Power Index: 0.0722
  4. India – Power Index: 0.1025
  5. United Kingdom – Power Index: 0.1435
  6. South Korea – Power Index: 0.1505
  7. Pakistan – Power Index: 0.1694
  8. Japan – Power Index: 0.1711
  9. France – Power Index: 0.1848
  10. Italy – Power Index: 0.1973
  11. Turkey – Power Index: 0.2016
  12. Brazil – Power Index: 0.2151
  13. Indonesia – Power Index: 0.2221
  14. Egypt – Power Index: 0.2224
  15. Ukraine – Power Index: 0.2516
  16. Australia – Power Index: 0.2567
  17. Iran – Power Index: 0.2712
  18. Israel – Power Index: 0.2757
  19. Vietnam – Power Index: 0.2855
  20. Poland – Power Index: 0.3406
  21. Spain – Power Index: 0.3556
  22. Saudi Arabia – Power Index: 0.3626
  23. Taiwan – Power Index: 0.3639
  24. Thailand – Power Index: 0.3738
  25. Germany – Power Index: 0.3881
  26. Algeria – Power Index: 0.3911
  27. Canada – Power Index: 0.3956
  28. Argentina – Power Index: 0.4243
  29. Singapore – Power Index: 0.4613
  30. Greece – Power Index: 0.4621″
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