Top 7 iPhone 15 Series Chargers to Consider

Apple just bid farewell to the lightning port and introduced the USB-C port with the iPhone 15 series at the Apple Event 2023. Type-C is a better standard for charging because it offers faster data transfer speeds, bidirectional power delivery, and universal compatibility. As usual, the new iPhones will be shipped without the power adaptor so you need to buy a reliable iPhone charger for battery longevity, charging, compatibility, and warranty coverage. We have compiled some of the best chargers for the iPhone 15 series here.

 1. Apple’s Official Power Adaptor

Apple’s 20-watt power adaptor is one of the best adaptors available for the iPhone 15. It comes with a USB type-C port suitable for the charging cable bundled with the iPhone 15. This power adaptor can fast charge the iPhone to 50% in around 30 minutes. Although the adaptor is pretty basic and available in just a single white color, the build quality is pretty solid and will last long if used with care.

  • Pros: Reliable genuine Apple product.
  • Cons: Bulky in size.

Get Apple’s Official 20W Power Adaptor

2. Best Compact Charger: Anker 511 Charger (Nano 3)

Anker has earned a name in making mobile charging bricks, hubs, and powerbanks. Nano 3 from Anker is a compact 30-watt charger. It is even smaller than the Apple’s 20-watt power adapter. This has been possible by changing silicon-based components to Gallium Nitride (GaN). It provides output up to 30-watt with its USB type-C port and can also charge the Macbook.

Anker 511 Charger (Nano 3)
  • Pros: Compact Size and 24-month warranty.
  • Cons: Single output port.

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3. Best Dual Port Charger: Anker 324 Charger (40W)

We own several devices and they all need charging from time to time. Anker 324 comes with 2 type-C ports and a combined output of 40-watt. Each type-C port supports 20-watt fast charging simultaneously. It also comes with temperature control, overload protection, overcurrent protection, and many other safety features just like other Anker chargers.

Anker 324 Dual Port Charger (40W)
  • Pros: Compact Size and simultaneous fast charging.
  • Cons: Expensive than chargers with a single port.

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4. Best Wireless Charger: Apple MagSafe Charger

Apple announced the MagSafe chargers in late 2020. Apple’s official MagSafe charger is one of the best wireless chargers available for the iPhone 15 providing an output of 15-watt.

Apple MagSafe Charger
  • Pros: Perfect snap with the iPhone and fast wireless charging.
  • Cons: Power adaptor not included in the box.

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5. Best Charger for Standby: Anker 533 Magnetic Wireless

The iPhone 15 will come with StandBy mode present in the latest iOS 17. StandBy displays glanceable Information while the iPhone is charging. Anker 533 can charge the iPhone with 7.5-watt output and make the iPhone a perfect nightstand. It can also charge AirPods wirelessly at the same time.

Anker 533 Magnetic Wireless Charger
  • Pros: 20W Power Delivery charger and 1.5-meter USB-C charging cable included in the box.
  • Cons: Slow wireless charging.

Get Anker 533 Magnetic Wireless Charger

6. Best Wired Car Charger: Anker PowerDrive Speed+

Anker PowerDrive comes with a type-C and a standard USB port. Type C port supports PD charging and has a maximum output of 30W. It can fast charge the iPhone and supports charging for MacBook too.

Anker PowerDrive Speed+
  • Pros: Compact size and support for PD charging.
  • Cons: Charging cable not included.

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7. Best Wireless Car Charger: Belkin BoostCharge™ Pro

Belkin BoostCharge Pro is a MagSafe-certified wireless charger made for cars. It gets seamlessly aligned with the iPhone 15 and fast charges it at 15W. The orientation of the iPhone can be changed to portrait and landscape as needed.

Belkin BoostCharge™ Pro
  • Pros: Apple-certified charger. An extra cable or power adaptor is not required.
  • Cons: Expensive than a wired car charger.

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Best Deserves the Best

So these are some of the best chargers for the iPhone 15 series. Using Apple-certified chargers from reputable brands will keep your iPhone 15 safe, battery healthy, charge it up quickly and easily, and warranty intact. It’s like an investment in your iPhone’s life.

To further protect your new iPhone 15, you need to buy a back cover or case. We have already made a list just for you.

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