Top 8 Cases for the iPhone 15 Series to Consider

The iPhone 15 series is here. Are you planning to preorder one? We know we will. What do you need to keep your latest iPhone safe and sound? An iPhone case. Not only does the case keep your iPhone new, but also protects it from the scratches and butter-fingers of the world. Here is a list of the best cases you can buy for your iPhone to keep it sparkling for months and survive falls.

Note: All the cases mentioned here are available for all models of the iPhone 15 series.

1. Premium Case: Apple FineWoven Case With MagSafe

If you’re someone who wants the absolute best in the world for your iPhone 15 then this might be a good option. And since this FineWoven Case comes from the house of Apple, it is made to fit snugly to your latest iPhone 15 series and give you the best experience possible.

Designed by Apple, it has a premium feel to it but should also provide good protection against casual knicks and dings. It also contributes towards Apple’s goal of Carbon Neutrality as it is made from 68 percent post-consumer recycled content. So there’s that.

The FineWoven Case has built-in magnets so it aligns with your iPhone 15 enabling MagSafe wireless charging with compatible MagSafe chargers.

You can choose from 5 color options which include Mulberry, Evergreen, Taupe, Pacific Blue, and Black. Make no mistake, this is not the most durable case out there for the iPhone 15 series and might start showing signs of usage after a few weeks but it is a good option indeed. But if you’re on the lookout for the most durable case for your new iPhone, keep reading to find out about it.

Buy FineWoven Case for iPhone 15 | 15 Plus | 15 Pro | 15 Pro Max at $59

2. Transparent Case: dbrand Ghost Case

What’s the point of getting an iPhone 15 Pro in that shiny new color if you can’t show it off to your friends? Now you might want to pick a clear case for your iPhone 15 series but the problem is that it starts yellowing in just a week or so.

That’s where dbrand comes in with their newly launched Ghost case.

dbrand ghost case for iPhone 15 series

It is thin at 1.2mm, light in weight at just 33g, and dbrand claims drop protection from a height of up to 10 feet. That’s pretty good for most users. You can also club the ghost case with dbrand’s screen protector as a combo at just $19.95 extra. dBrand is quite popular for its skins.

Since dbrand doesn’t make the ghost case for the regular iPhone 15 and 15 Plus models, we recommend you stick to Apple’s Clear Case with MagSafe. They are superior to many clear cases available in the market for the iPhone 15 series. It is available both online and in Apple stores.

apple clear case for iPhone 15 series

Buy Ghost Case for iPhone 15 Pro | 15 Pro Max at $49.95.

Buy Clear Case for iPhone 15 | 15 Plus at $49.

3. Thin Case: Later Case (Cyber Edition)

Are you also a thin purist who likes to use the iPhone without any cases? Trust us, we know where you’re getting at. If that’s the case, try the Later Case which should give a snug and tight fit in a thin case. The Later iPhone case (cyber edition) is laser-cut and coated with a durable matte finish for that extra grip. Talking about thin iPhone cases, it’s just 0.6mm thin and weighs a megre10g.

later thin case for iPhone 15 series

You also get to choose from 5 different colors which are Gray Black, Coffee, Crimson, Midnight, and Willy Blue. They look thin and trendy at the same time. With MagSafe compatibility and complete camera protection, this case should give you good protection. They start shipping in October.

Buy Later Case (Cyber Edition) for iPhone 15 | 15 Plus | 15 Pro | 15 Pro Max at $49.

4. Durable Case: Speck Presidio2 Pro With MagSafe

If you’re looking to protect your iPhone 15 the best you can, then try the Speck Presidio2 Pro with MagSafe. The name might be a bit long but after using it, so will be the life of your iPhone. It comes with Armor Cloud, basically AirBag-like protection for your iPhone. Available in 6 different colors too.

speck durable case for iPhone 15 series

Buy Speck Presidio2 Pro with MagSafe for iPhone 15 | 15 Plus | 15 Pro | 15 Pro Max at $49.95.

5. Case with Back Stand: Spigen Tough Armor (MagFit)

Spigen is a popular brand among iPhone users who are looking for durable cases. The Spigen Tough Armor (MagFit) case is good if you want a durable case with a back stand attached to it. Useful in cases when you’re watching a movie or series on your iPhone 15 while traveling. Spigen says the case comes with military-grade protection to protect from accidental drops.

Spigen Bakc stand case for iPhone 15 series

Buy Spigen Tough Armor (MagFit) for iPhone 15 | 15 Plus | 15 Pro | 15 Pro Max at $59.99.

6. Designer Case: dbrand Grip Case

The iPhone 15 series has some new colors thanks to the titanium but some people may find the color scheme too bland. dbrand Grip is a completely customizable iPhone case. The company also claims to provide you with military-grade impact resistance so you don’t break the front glass or the back when outdoors or indoors for that matter.

dbrand Customizable case for iPhone 15 series

Now you can customize your iPhone 15 series as you wish and rock that look.

Buy dbrand Grip Case for iPhone 15 | 15 Plus | 15 Pro | 15 Pro Max at $54.90.

7. Unique Case: Spigen Ultra Hybrid Zero One (MagFit)

If you want to look different from the crowd, get the Ultra Hybrid Zero One (MagFit) to get the unique teardown look. It has the same print as how your iPhone 15 would look if there was no glass at the back. Certainly a unique choice.

Spigen Unique case for iPhone 15 series

Buy Spigen Ultra Hybrid Zero One (MagFit) for iPhone 15 | 15 Plus | 15 Pro | 15 Pro Max at $54.99.

8. Budget Case: ESR Air Armor

There’s nothing wrong in getting a budget case, more so if it is something as simple as a case. This ESR Air Armor is a strong iPhone 15 series case but for those who are on a budget. It comes in two choices – Clear Case or a Frosted Black.

ESR Budget Case for iPhone 15 series

Buy ESR Air Armor for iPhone 15 | 15 Plus | 15 Pro | 15 Pro Max at $13.99.

iPhone 15 Series Cases

There are a lot of options available already, and your preferences can vary. iPhone cases come in different flavors like transparent, tough like armor, designer, a utility like MagSafe or ring or back stand, and more. Depending on what you need and how you want your case to function, there is a case for your iPhone.

On a related note, the new iPhone 15 series comes with a USB-C port but there is a catch. Not all iPhones support USB-C. Yup. Read more to find out everything about it.

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