Following are the causes of poverty

1. Lack of Getting Benefit with Natural Resources: We are unable to get economic resources from the natural environment gifted by God to us. It is the land, hills, mountains, rivers and falls from which we can get wealth by our technical skills. We can control and divert the waters flowing from mountains into dams from which power can be generated and the canals for irrigation.

2. Avoid Low Quality Work: The people of our nation avoid hard work and labor. They feel shy in working down in the street and on the road. They think themselves to be respectable by not working in labor but wearing a dress clean and tidy. This concept of respect and prestige puts them into dingy house, dirty places to live and low standard food to eat with missing facilities of sanitation in their residential areas.

3. Unemployment: Those young men, who are unable to get jobs can do works of low standards available to them. They can work in farms. They can work in factories and in business centers at low wages. They feel shy to do so and consider these jobs to the below standards. In such cases, unemployment is self-created by them, because our culture is simple and non-technical. Employment chances are few for a large number of people. Therefore, unemployment cannot be blamed as main cause of poverty. We can choose other works on construction of buildings, on shoe mending, working with tailors and carpenters, electrical works and works of techniques on machines. There are mechanical works available frequently around us in which job can be taken according to the wishes of the owner. This minimum ‘and low wage also provides a back ground and foot step towards progress of the future.

4. Lack of Hard Work leads to Drug Addiction: Such people who avoid hard work lead a life of poor man and mostly indulge in drug addiction. They get into heroine, churs and other things of abuse. The prohibited acts get into their habits and they involve in delinquent activities, which leads to criminal actions in life.

5. Anti-Social Habits: Jobless and workless people also fall into such habits, which are anti-social like, gambling, drinking, cheating, theft and robbery. Such people feel themselves satisfied in associates of these types. They remain satisfied and get things stolen from house for fulfillment of their needs.. Smoking and telling a lie are bad habit develop in general behavior of such workless adults. They are idle and useless persons hated by good citizens.

6. Lack of Religious Education: They avoid getting into religious education and hate moral and cultural values of Islam. They disobey their parents and elders of family. They walk late at night out of home in company of associates of such habits. Ultimately they become criminals in adult life.

7. Wastage of Economic Resources: If the savings are not protected, the family faces problems in future. Ill health and other necessities of food and dress require money from saving. If saving is poor, then these problems create heavy tension and disturbance on the members of family.

8. Illiteracy: Illiteracy is also a major reason of poverty as illiterate person possesses less potential and skills. He is not well groomed and trained for getting better economic and social status in society or a higher and prestigious job. Therefore, he is trapped in the net of poverty forever.

9. Blame on Fate / Wrong Perceptive of Tawakal: Some people believe that it is the fate, which is responsible for our poverty. No doubt it is true but the basic factor according to sharait of Islam is work and hard work.

According to a Hadith of Holy Prophet (peace be upon) “one should adopt any profession for earning his livelihood. Here adoption of profession has not been said as the only principle. He must be expert and highly qualified and trained in his profession that his work is free from mistake”.

We see today the western countries are followers of this Hadith and we go there for higher education, medical treatment and for equipment and machinery because they are expert of all these productions. This hadith as narrated by Imam Ghazali in his book “Kemya-e-Saadat”, the great imam of the time said that Muslims take wrong meaning of “Twakkal”, that is why they remain poor. It does not mean to wait for better results without works. He says that work is basic foundation for the result of success.

10. Wrong Religious Beliefs: Some people have wrong religious beliefs in future events of life. They say that Allah will forgive all sinners by virtue of His mercy. This is wrong interpreted because Allah presented a principle of judgment between right and wrong on the Day of Judgment. Every good and bad event will be measured on the scale and man will be rewarded or punished accordingly. He can do mercy upon any one whom He likes, but this is not general principle for all. Those who believe in this authority of Allah, are misguided persons. Because Allah said that He does not deviate from His principles laid down by Him in the Ht,ly Quran and this principle has been described by Shah Wali Ullah Mohadith Dahlvi in his book “Hujja-Tullah­hu-Balgha”. Control on wastage of resources must be made for the preservation of resources of the people. Technical and non-technical training to be provided to those people who are without work.

11. Ignorance: Ignorance is also one of the main reason of poverty where people have better economic resources are victimize of this cause. As people of the rural areas sell their acres and spend the whole life and money in judicial proceeding with their neighbor or counterpart without knowing and calculating the losses and benefits