What’s New in Microsoft Teams on Windows 11 (November 2022)

Assigned seats in Together mode

Meeting organizers and presenters can now assign seats to participants in Together mode. To assign seats once you’re in the meeting, select More More actions icon > Together mode . In the window that appears, check the box at the bottom to select Together mode for everyone , then select Assign seats . From here, you can drag and drop people icons to the seat you want them assigned to.

Translated captions in Teams Premium

Get real-time AI-powered translation from 40 spoken languages. Meeting participants can now read captions in their own language, for a more accessible meeting experience. Currently free for everyone, once Teams Premium licenses become available this feature will require a Premium license to use it. If the host has a Premium license, all attendees can use live translated captions. 

Learn more about the Teams Premium add-on for Microsoft Teams 

Get all the details with the new call history

Get more granular details about calls made and received in Teams. To view, go to Calls on the left side of the app, then select a call under History . A summary of the call, including the recording and transcript, displays on the right side of the app. 

Create a contact group in Teams

Go to Calls on the left side of the app, then at the top right of the app, select Create contact group Cross icon at the top of the screen .

Microsoft 365 Templates for Teams and SharePoint

When you create a team, a coincident SharePoint is created simultaneously. So when you set up a team using a default template, the associated SharePoint template is automatically applied to the team’s SharePoint site.

Suggested replies are sent to the group chat

The suggested answers shifted the in-person conversation to the group conversation. Now, instead of typing a reply, you can quickly select one of the Teams suggested replies that appear above the compose box where you write your messages.

Send a video clip in a chat

Create a short video clip in a conversation. Select Record Video Clip alt text next to Send , then start recording. You can even edit the clip before sending it. The recipient of the video clip can reply with a message or a video clip of their own choice. 

Delete or rename files in a channel 

To rename or delete a file in a channel, go to the channel’s Files tab and select More file options Other Microsoft Teams options icon . The changes you make will be reflected in the corresponding team SharePoint site.

Teams Calendar now allows you to open in a new window

Whether it’s scheduling a new meeting or reviewing an existing one, now you can do it from a second window. This lets you move around Teams without losing your spot on the calendar. If you’re opening an existing meeting, select View meeting details in the top right corner of the app. If you schedule a new meeting, it automatically opens in a secondary window.

Cameo comes to PowerPoint Live in Teams meetings

When presenting in Teams using PowerPoint Live, you can use Cameo to overlay your Teams camera feed over your presentation. Attendees will now be able to see you as you speak while seeing every slide in your presentation for a fully immersive experience, whether they’re in the room or around the world.

Collaborative annotations in Teams meetings

With Microsoft Whiteboard Collaborative Annotations, everyone in a meeting can add notes simultaneously on a shared screen in a Teams meeting. You need to share your full screen in Teams, then select Start Annotating . Anyone can add notes, shapes, text, and reactions to what you share.

Use an interpreter in a Teams meeting

Language Interpretation allows professional interpreters to perform what the speaker is saying in another language in real time, without disrupting the speaker’s flow. First, you need to enable language interpretation for the meeting. This can be done from Meeting Options . Then, during the meeting, go to the list of participants, hover over the name of the interpreter, then select More options Other Microsoft Teams options icon > Create interpreter . To learn more , see Use language interpretation in a Teams meeting



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