Economic studies

FDI to Japan and Trade Flows: A Comparison of BRICs, Asian Tigers and Developed Countries

Although still dominated by firms from developed countries, foreign direct investment (FDI) flows from developing nations have increased significantly.

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Capitalism as an Institution

The thought of Marx’s early writings was heavily influenced by his early Hegelian training. The reasoning by which he constructed…

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Engels on Dialectic in Economic Determinism

The theory of dialectical materialism was completed by Marx about 1850. From that time forward it was presumed in all…

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Rewealthization in twenty-first century Western countries: the defining trend of the socioeconomic squeeze of the middle class

The wealth-to-income ratio (WIR) in many Western countries, particularly in Europe and North America, increased by a factor of two…

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Economic Determinism of Dialectical Materialism

Feuerbach’s claim that the motive forces in social history are material meant for Marx that these forces are economic.

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Economic Security

The concept of security has moved from being a purely military issue to being a comprehensive societal issue related to…

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International Finance Corporation – IFC

The International Finance Corporation, a member of the World Bank Group, is the largest global development institution focused exclusively on…

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Union for the Mediterranean project

The transformations that followed the end of the Cold War have generated in many countries a sense of insecurity and…

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Is it too late to reverse climate change?

Nuclear energy, zero-emission vehicles and sunpower solar panels can all help to reverse the negative effects of climate change that…

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