Who are we?

We are an Arabic academic website created specifically for people interested in and researchers in the field of political science and international relations. The encyclopedia includes articles, research, books, and conferences dealing with political, security, military, economic, and legal issues. The encyclopedia aims to follow developments in events and news in Algeria and the world around the clock, as well as cover political and economic issues and others.

Through an editorial policy that formulates a variety of content starting from the contributions of researchers, interests, ideas, and visions of people, and then ending with them, carrying with it what completes the picture in front of them and answers their questions, in addition to the Algerian Encyclopedia of Political Studies being the first platform for individuals in Algeria in particular and the Arab world in general to express themselves, write, and blog freely outside the limits of editorial agendas.

A note on intellectual rights

The encyclopedia is an open academic electronic publishing platform for writers and readers to upload and modify documents in accordance with the global Creative Commons policy. The files are uploaded and shared via the internet under this element. The responsibility for the files uploaded in the encyclopedia belongs to the user who provided this material via the encyclopedia, as the encyclopedia is only a means between the author and the reader. If you believe that the publication of any of these electronic files violates the laws of publishing and distributing your books or the organization of publishing in which you work or act legally on their behalf, or any violation of any kind, please report this file via the “Contact Us” function located on the last page of each e-book, noting that the notification will be taken into account, and the electronic file will be deleted upon confirmation of the violation within a maximum of 48 hours.