Security studies

Islamophobia:reality or myth?

This thesis examines the concept of ‘Islamophobia’ using statistical data from available large-scale social surveys.

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Islamophobia, racism and health

Racism has been argued to be a focal element of ethnic inequalities in health (Williams 1999, Krieger 2003, Nazroo 2003,…

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Islamophobia, secularism and the French left

Nick Riemer writes on how Islamophobia has become shockingly acceptable in France, even on the left, in the wake of…

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Violence and civil disobedience

iscussion of civil disobedience is dominated by the position that for civil disobedience to be permissible it must be nonviolent.

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Emergent powers in the field of peacebuilding: modalities, interactions and impact of Indian and Chinese engagement in the peace processes of Nepal and Myanmar

The global emergence of countries like India and China has given rise to questions about how these emergent powers will…

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Rhetoric, ritual and reality: understanding the relationship between ex-combatants and the TRC in Sierra Leone

This thesis explores the relationship between ex-combatants and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) in Sierra Leone.

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Societal Security Dilemma and the Prospect for Cooperation and Conflict in the Balkans

lntra-state conflicts speak out for tensions that exist in the internal realm of the state, while not all of them…

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Geopolitical priorities – Turkey and the Balkans

Turkey had already playeda decisive role in the region after its establishment. Its active international role fed not only historical…

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Armies, Militias and (Re)-Integration in Fractured States

Efforts to reconstitute and rebuild state security institutions in post-conflict states will require not just technical and organizational fixes, but…

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