Political studies

The geophysical dimension of the race around the covid vaccine

As soon as the outbreak of the Corona virus “Covid 19” expanded until it became more threatening to humanity, and…

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Chinas Diplomatic Initiatives in the Middle East: The Quest for a Great-Power Role in the Region

China is one of the great powers in the international system, and one of the most important emerging economic countries,…

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An EU without the UK would be one step closer to a genuine political union

Bart Cammaerts writes that if the EU is to survive in the years to come it must start making a…

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Globalization, Political Orientation and Wage Inequality: From Donald Trump’s Election to Angela Merkal’s Re-Election

The recent election results in US, Germany, Japan and China and vote for BRIXIT in Britian suggest that political outcomes…

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Lenin on Dialectical Materialism

Lenin’s writings about the party, and indeed everything he wrote, clearly reveal him as a man of action, an astute…

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Lenin’s Theory of The Party

This question of the organization of the party was the subject of Lenin’s first important theoretical work, a pamphlet entitled…

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Russian Marxism

When a Marxian socialist party was first organized in Russia, early in the 1880’s, it followed a native socialism with…

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Violence and civil disobedience

iscussion of civil disobedience is dominated by the position that for civil disobedience to be permissible it must be nonviolent.

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Nation: its ontology and identity

This project investigates the ontology and identity of nations. Drawing from the thought experiment “The ship of Theseus” and some…

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