The writer / Mohammed Baghdadi

PhD researcher

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    How did major international companies progress? And the secret to staying strong so far? What form of administrative structure that made it sophisticated? There is no doubt that creativity, change and continuity are among the most important features of the major international companies that have been able to dig their name in the forefront of investment companies, which penetrated many fields and diverse countries and civilizations and countless cultures and the borders of countries could not stand a barrier in the progress of these companies and this system The so-called creativity is characterized by its effectiveness and successful abilities to bring about the desired development and progress that every successful company aspires to acquire;

    They adapt themselves in a world of change and threats, and the flexibility of coloring in markets helps them seize opportunities and erase threats. How do you drive market competition? How do competitors manipulate and manipulate markets to overcome weaknesses?

     Therefore, the Boston Consulting Group has developed a list of the most important creative companies based on a number of basic criteria, including: flexibility in development, speed, the use of information technology and daily access to markets to find out where the domestic and international market? Here, Apple, after the departure of its founder Saif Jobs, has been able to make significant progress in global technology. In 2015, the company launched a new watch called the Apple Smart, which features a high-resolution design, and for the first time launched a digital wallet, two products that will undoubtedly change the road map to the future. Its systems are now available to other customers across the globe, giving it a pivotal position to pioneer innovation, technology and out of the box. In addition to being one of the largest webpages around the world and a great success in changing the way traditional advertising is based, Google has taken the lead in cloud and mobile computing in a bold move, contributing in a different way to changing the future of education and mobility. energy.

      And when we talk about Microsoft, which jumped up the ladder of innovation by creating a “Holo lens,” which works to integrate fantasy reality with the real world. In 2015, it launched a modern operating system that previously solved the company’s problems, Widows 10.

      Samsung has also been able to create wearable technology and design various smart devices. Power, unlike robotic vacuum cleaners that are remotely controlled thanks to your smartwatch.

      Following the success of its hybrid Prius, Toyota plans to build hydrogen fuel cells according to the needs of environmentally conscious and non-polluting consumers. For cars that only emit water vapor. It is a wonder that Amazon has raised the expectations of its customers in the field of electronic commerce. Sales of the world’s 12 largest companies must be combined online to match Amazon’s sales. Especially in light of the two-day delivery program, Amazon Prime, the expansion of consumer delivery services in the shortest possible time, as well as the status achieved by the device “Kindle Fire HDX”, as a powerful alternative to the popular iPad, in addition to the idea New in the various Amazon centers connected by drones within 30 minutes, all this puts the company at the forefront ahead of its competitors very far.

       BMW is also at the forefront of the automotive world, not only in Germany but also in the world, where it has maintained its progress and development when it added the autonomous driving advantage of the car. In the first of its kind, the 7 Series, the latest BMW model, features more than 24 recent innovations, such as remote parking and hand control in any direction, aside from entertainment, infotainment and massage. Located in the seats, and Tell you if your doors are closed or not.

Creativity presents itself in the mindset of major global companies in order to read the market and understand where it stands behind technological advances. Where are the giants going? How can the landscape be read in light of market volatility? How do you maintain success.?

   Therefore, the success of international companies is linked to many internal and external factors.



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