Asian studies

Understanding Socialism with Chinese Characteristics

 I am so glad that you are interested in socialism with Chinese characteristics, as the theory is not only the…

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The Chinese Soft Regional Hegemony “Mechanisms and Challenges”

Due to the importance of Soft power on the agenda of any political actor , this study focuses on the…

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Communism in China

In Lenin’s eyes the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 in Russia was only the first stage of the world revolution that…

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Critical reading: China-Iran agreement 2021

China and Iran have quietly forged a comprehensive economic and security partnership that would pave the way for billions of…

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Emergent powers in the field of peacebuilding: modalities, interactions and impact of Indian and Chinese engagement in the peace processes of Nepal and Myanmar

The global emergence of countries like India and China has given rise to questions about how these emergent powers will…

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FDI to Japan and Trade Flows: A Comparison of BRICs, Asian Tigers and Developed Countries

Although still dominated by firms from developed countries, foreign direct investment (FDI) flows from developing nations have increased significantly.

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De-Colonization and Asian African Resurgence

No doubt, thirteen British colonies of North America got independence in the eighteenth century and many Spanish colonies of South…

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The Chinese School of Political Science … How did Beijing organize the field of political studies under the “Guanxi culture”? (Chinese view)

This paper reviews the emergence of political science education in China and how it developed, and its relationship and position…

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U.S.-China Rivalry in Southeast Asia: Power Shift or Competitive Coexistence?

Despite their deep interdependence and elements of cooperation, the United States and China the world’s two major powers are increasingly…

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