Middle Eastern studies

The Egyptian-Turkish rapprochement and its reflection on regional issues

What are the Turkish motives behind the rapprochement with Egypt and what is the extent of its credibility?

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Chinas Diplomatic Initiatives in the Middle East: The Quest for a Great-Power Role in the Region

China is one of the great powers in the international system, and one of the most important emerging economic countries,…

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Will the Page Turn on Turkish-Egyptian Relations?

Relations have long been complicated between Egypt and Turkey: two powerful countries who share lively economic links and queasy political…

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Not impossible.. The MENA region can compete with the world in development and progress

Unfortunately, the name of some of the countries in the Middle East and North Africa region has been associated in…

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The geostrategic dimension of Iran’s foreign policy

The Iranian policy towards the South Caucasus region was influenced by several political, economic and security considerations.

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President “Biden” and the Arab peoples

"If Biden wins, I will invite you for launch .. As for if" Trump "succeeds in the elections, you will…

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The policy of US President-elect Joe Biden towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

The American media announced the victory of the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, in the US presidential elections held on the…

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Sudanese – Israeli normalization and its impact on the Palestinian cause

The Palestinian issue was one of the main lines in the Sudanese foreign policy, and it did not enjoy the…

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Israel and the Kurdish illusion

A careful reading of the personal background of the Iraqi president, the prime ministers, and the legislative authority does not…

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