Strategic studies

The withdrawal from Afghanistan: twenty years of war for nothing?

On the sidelines of the withdrawal of American and Western forces from Afghanistan, the Taliban reconquered the Afghan districts one…

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Imperialist Capitalism

The outbreak of World War I in 1914, and more especially the support of the war by the socialist parties…

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FDI to Japan and Trade Flows: A Comparison of BRICs, Asian Tigers and Developed Countries

Although still dominated by firms from developed countries, foreign direct investment (FDI) flows from developing nations have increased significantly.

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Geopolitical priorities – Turkey and the Balkans

Turkey had already playeda decisive role in the region after its establishment. Its active international role fed not only historical…

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Europe at war: Globalization vs Geopolitics

The paper examines the EU's challenges in the field of migration, and suggests how Brussels and EU governments might promote…

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The Importance of Collective Intelligence in a Sustainable Future

Why is this true? I take my support for this from Joseph Tainter’s argument in The Collapse of Complex Societies. For…

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Balance of Power: Meaning And Nature

The balance of power is one of the oldest concepts of international relations. It at once provides an answer to…

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New Cold War

The new Cold War’s origin is generally traced back to December 1979 when the Soviet Union intervened in Afghanistan.

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The geostrategic dimension of Iran’s foreign policy

The Iranian policy towards the South Caucasus region was influenced by several political, economic and security considerations.

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