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David Sinclair: old age is a disease that can be cured

Getting older is natural and inevitable, it is everyone's destiny. This is how the vast majority of us face life,…

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This year’s Nobel physics laureates have made sense of complexity

The more closely scientists study everything from planets to atoms, the more structure they find and the more detailed their…

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A New Pandemic Coronavirus COVID-19 Evolutionary Relation, Transmission, Infectivity and Immunity

The currently COVID-19 virus appeared in China in the beginning at December 2019, infected more than thousands of humans, by…

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The future of meetings

A LOBBY CAN shape the first impressions of a business. Guests at the building housing the New York headquarters of…

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Participation of research and study centers in decision-making

Research and studies centers have received wide and wide attention in the last decades of the twentieth century

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The race for publication and the scientific scam

An intellectual is someone who always has something to say when he begins to speak or write!

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